October 1, 2014

Lead Pastor -- Libertyville, IL

Trinity Community Church
1190 West Winchester Road
Libertyville, IL

Job TitleLead Pastor

Job Description: The primary responsibility of the Lead Pastor will be teaching God’s word, developing and articulating vision, and working with the staff in ministry execution. The pastor is an elder, working with the other elders giving spiritual oversight to the church. The elders and staff serve to equip the people of the church to be fruitful and vibrant in their life in Christ and witness for Christ.

Information about the Church: Trinity is a body of about 200 believers with roots in the Vineyard movement and influenced by Reformed evangelicalism. We value a gracious, gospel-centered approach to ministry. We often articulate three key values: “Word-Driven,” “Spirit-Led” and “Mission-focused.” Word-driven means letting the Biblical text speak for itself through the preaching that is thoughtful, heart-felt and Christ-centered. Spirit-led means relying on the Holy Spirit and allowing openness to all the spiritual gifts. Mission-focused means the church exists to spreading the knowledge of God everywhere; personal evangelism and world missions are central to our calling. We align with the Gospel Coalition in their foundational documents.

Application/Contact Information: To apply, please send your resume to pastoralsearch@trinitylink.com. If you have additional questions please contact David Niblack, david@trinitylink.com.

Church Website: http://www.trinitylink.com/

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English Pastor -- Anaheim, CA

Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County
412 E. Broadway Street
Anaheim, CA 92805

Job TitleEnglish Pastor

Job Description: A multigenerational, multicultural, English- and Chinese-speaking Southern Baptist church in Orange County, California seeks a full-time English pastor to preach and shepherd its approximately 100-person English-speaking congregation. Inquiries should be directed to cbcocpsc@gmail.com."

Church Website: CBCOC.org

Senior Pastor -- Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Fort William Baptist Church
1800 Moodie Street East
Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7E 4Z2

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job Description
Fort William Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who has been gripped by the Gospel, is in love with Christ, and is submissive to God's infallible and inerrant Word. We desire someone whose joy and satisfaction lies in seeing God's glory proclaimed through teaching and preaching as well as demonstrating God's calling as a shepherd through leading and caring for the church family. 

Primary Responsibilities 
The Senior Pastor must be a man who prayerfully and graciously seeks to:
  • Preach and Lead at Services
    • prepare and present weekly Sunday morning sermons (two services: 9:00 and 10:45am).
    • provide oversight of the Sunday morning services working together with the Worship Coordinator.
  • Teach and Mentor
    • encourage and further develop our Grace Groups ministry
    • be involved in small group ministry
    • encourage internships and meet with those involved in internships or preparing for vocational ministry
    • mentor lay persons who exhibit potential leadership gifts/ambitions
  • Oversee and Mentor Staff
    • partner with, mentor and oversee additional pastoral staff on an ongoing basis (at this point, one individual who is the Pastor of Student Ministries)
    • oversee Worship Coordinator and encourage a theologically consistent, Scripture-saturated, Christ-focused worship ministry (the Worship Coordinator is currently serving in a part time position)
    • oversee secretarial/administrative staff particularly in communication with congregation (bulletins, emails, webpage, etc.)
  • Lead Ministries
    • Elders
      • work with the elders to shape the short and long term visions of the church.
      • oversee with the elders the teaching ministry and doctrinal content of church's ministries (e.g. Parent and Children's, Missions, Grace Group, Men's and Women's)
    • Deacons
      • meet with deacons and be a resource to them
    • Other
      • meet with leadership ministry team to develop and harmonize church mission
      • meet regularly with ministry team leaders
      • meet with Facilities Development Team and coordinator
      • provide spiritual direction/devotion/counsel to congregational meetings
      • encourage and engage congregation in prayer (with Prayer Coordinator)
  • Care for Church Family
    • be available for pastoral counseling and visitation along with other staff and volunteers
    • oversee marriage preparation/counseling
    • provide care for those in crisis, minister to grieving families and be available for funeral ministry
    • visit shut-ins and those in hospital
    • represent church to wider association of churches serving as part of executive and supporting local association of Baptist ministers and Baptist services
  • possess saving faith in Jesus Christ as witnessed through public confession and believer's baptism by immersion
  • has a deep and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • has a love for the Body of Christ, His Church, and a heart for the local congregation
  • possess obvious skills in working with groups and individuals to develop and sustain ministries within and beyond our congregation
  • sincerely understands how to foster a team approach
  • must show an ability understand, articulate, and embrace the Fort William Baptist Church Vision Statement and vision
  • must agree with the Elder's Statement of Faith at Fort William Baptist Church, believe in the sovereignty of God over all things and embrace the Doctrines of Grace
  • must have a prove record of faithful, unifying, and gracious commitment to the Body of Christ in local church  ministry
  • be assured of his call to the ministry and to the Senior Pastorate
  • meet the biblical qualifications of an elder
  • believe in the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God sufficient for all belief and practice
  • agree to Baptist Distinctives (see Elders' Statement of Faith)
  • have formal theological and pastoral training
    • Master of Divinity strongly preferred
  • significant experience in pastoral ministry desired
  • the capacity to be licensed and ordained
  • agree with The Lifestyle and Morality Standards and Policy of For William Baptist Church
Information about the Church: Fort William Baptist Church is a medium-sized, intergenerational evangelical church family in the city of Thunder Bay. By God’s grace we have enjoyed a sustained period of gospel-centered ministry over the past quarter century. While linked within the network of churches associated with The Gospel Coalition our philosophy of ministry has been significantly shaped through the influence of Desiring God Ministries. God has given us a heart to share the joy of knowing His glory. 
Our Church Vision Statement declares that our God-given ambition is to spread a passion to prize God supremely, to praise God wholeheartedly, and to proclaim God universally. As we transition to a new Senior Pastor, we prayerfully desire to build bridges to the next generation, to our community and to the nations. With God’s help we want to share in new and exciting ministries that further our passion for God’s glory.

(For more information see ‘Pastoral Candidates Information’ on our website. These resources include our Church Profile and Recent Historical Timeline.)

Application/Contact Information: Please email your resume (including references) and cover letter to the attention of Pastoral Search Committee 

Please use the following guidelines to submit your application:
A) Document Name Format: name_FWBC_Senior Pastor_resume.docx
B) Please:

  • Include a Cover Letter which interacts with our website documents
  • Attach the Cover Letter to your resume documentation
  • Include a Formal Resume

If further information is required, please contact:
Bill Petteplace


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September 24, 2014

Pastor of Student Ministries -- Beavercreek, OH

Patterson Park Church
3655 East Patterson Park Road
Beavercreek, OH 45430

Job TitlePastor of Student Ministries

Job Description: Responsible for shepherding and caring for the 6th through 12th grade students and families of Patterson Park Church as they are encouraged to glorify God by knowing Christ, growing in Him and going in service to Him. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Oversee and plan for the weekly scheduled events such asSunday school, Sunday nights, and monthly service activities.
  2. Cast a vision for the student ministry that correlates with the mission of Patterson Park Church
  3. Recruit, train, lead, and equip the volunteer youth staff. Most of this staff is composed of small group leaders who are responsible for shepherding 5-10 students on a weekly basis through the Rush Sunday night ministry.
  4. Implement a curriculum for all ministries that reach the students of PPC
  5. Provide planning for all program related events such as winter and summer camps, monthly events, service opportunities—both community and global
  6. Be involved in the local schools as a part of building relationships with the students of the community
  7. Invest in students through one on one mentoring and discipleship.
  8. Provide pastoral oversight to the college/young adult ministry, both to the leaders and the students.

Information about the Church: Patterson Park Church is a non-denominational church located in the Dayton, Ohio suburb of Beavercreek. The elder-led congregation is served by five non-vocational elders and five vocational pastors. Attendance in two Sunday morning worship services is approximately 800.

Application/Contact Information: Joe Godwin jgodwin@pattersonpark.org

Church Website: http://www.pattersonpark.org/

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Associate Pastor of Music Ministries -- Colorado Springs, CO

Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church
3435 Maizeland Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Job TitleAssociate Pastor of Music Ministries

Job Description: 

  1. Purpose: This pastor serves the church as a staff member and is responsible for the oversight of the music ministries as well as other ministry responsibilities which are mutually agreed upon.
  2. Qualifications: He must meet the biblical requirements for an elder listed in I Tim. 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. He will have a personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, will be one who is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ by displaying a Christlike attitude in dealing with people, and he will maintain an active prayer life. He will be in full agreement with the church’s statement of faith and will adhere to its bylaws.
  3. Education/Experience: Bachelors degree in a music or ministry related field required. 3-5 years of music ministry experience required. Piano or guitar proficiency preferred.
  4. Position: He is directly responsible to lead and oversee all aspects of the church’s music ministry. He is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor and may serve in the position of an elder in accord with the bylaws.
  5. Primary Responsibilities: Oversee all aspects of music ministry including leading the congregation in weekly corporate worship. Develop and implement a biblical philosophy of music ministry in cooperation with the Sr. Pastor. Recruit, train, and lead the music ministries team. For more specifics, see number eight, “Specifics Duties” below.
  6. Other Responsibilities: While the majority of time spent will be directly related to the music ministry, some time will be given each week to other ministry responsibilities corresponding to the church’s needs and the individual’s gifting.
  7. Lines of Communication:
    • With the Pastor: weekly for ministry coordination, input, and personal accountability.
    • With the Music Ministry Team members: regularly to reinforce the purposes of the music ministry, give direction, equip them for ministry, communicate information about upcoming events, and to enlist support and build relationships.
    • With the Elders: regularly to provide updates, share concerns, and communicate goals.
  8. Specific Duties:
    • Develop a biblical philosophy of music ministry
      • It will be consistent with our church’s overall philosophy of ministry
      • It will be developed in close cooperation with the Sr. Pastor and approved by the elders
      • It will be communicated to music participants and the entire church body
      • It will be consistently implemented
    • Enlist, train, and oversee ministry team members
      • Direct and develop worship bands, choir, orchestra, etc.
      • Oversee Tech Team (sound, lighting, video, etc.)
      • Oversee the ushers and administration of the service
      • Shepherd all ministry team members
    • Set specific goals and direction
      • Goals regarding staff: recruitment, development, morale, etc.
      • Goals regarding the ministry: direction, instruction, budget, resources, etc.
      • Goals regarding participants: heart for God, character, spiritual disciplines, maturity, servant’s attitude, musical skill, etc.
    • Plan all corporate services along with the Senior Pastor and conduct effective rehearsals
    • Develop and plan for a variety of musical groups and events. Assist in developing and providing musical support for the various ministries of the church (student ministries, women’s ministries, etc.)
    • Support church-related activities and encourage that same support from team members and all participants

Information about the Church: Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are a theologically conservative church committed to the glory of God, the centrality of the Scriptures and expository preaching. Our mission is to glorify God through biblical ministry that exalts Christ, equips the believer for service, and extends the gospel to the world. We have an average attendance of around 500 in our two Sunday morning services. We currently have three staff pastors and our Senior Pastor has served at ABEFC since 1997. Our music is blended in content (theologically and lyrically rich hymns and choruses) and "conservatively current" in style, led by a praise band consisting of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. We also currently have a once-a-month choir and a once-a-month small orchestra. Much more can be learned about our church at www.abefc.org. Resumes may be sent to searchteam@abefc.org

Application/Contact Information: Send resumes to searchteam@abefc.org

September 3, 2014

Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries-- Andover, MN

Meadow Creek Church
3037 Bunker Lake Blvd NW
Andover, MN 55304

Job TitleAssociate Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries

Job Description: www.meadowcreekchurch.org/#/welcome-home/employment

Information about the Church: www.meadowcreekchurch.org/#/welcome-home/employment

Application/Contact Information: http://www.meadowcreekchurch.org/#/welcome-home/employment

Church Website: http://www.meadowcreekchurch.org/

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Senior Pastor-- Sharonville, OH

Grace Bible Presbyterian Church
12060 Routh 42 (Lebanon Rd.)
Sharonville, OH 45241

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job Description: 

  • Faithfully proclaim the gospel to church members and the lost world.
  • Order & conduct Sunday morning and evening worship services, and Wednesday night prayer service.
  • Administer the sacraments of Baptism & The Lord’s Supper.
  • Function as chief administrator for church programs & staff.
  • Moderator of Session, Board of Deacons & Congregational Meetings.
  • Encourage and equip church body to develop and use their spiritual gifts.
  • Visit members of the congregation, including the sick & shut-in.
  • Conduct church membership classes.
  • Conduct training classes for Elders & Deacons.
  • Conduct weddings & funerals as requested.
  • Support the operating budget of the church, and avoid soliciting or expending unauthorized funds.
  • Serve on Presbytery & Synod levels of the Bible Presbyterian Church.
  • Provide counseling (and work with an additional Christian counselor) when needed.
  • Compose articles relating to ministry for use in the church’s monthly newsletter.
  • Seminary graduate preferred
  • Adhere to Reformed Theology
  • Ordained by the Bible Presbyterian Church denomination, or willing to be ordained.
  • Extensive previous pastoral and leadership experience preferred.
  • Experience in leadership and development of new ministries.
  • Committed to biblical doctrine, missions and evangelism, edification of the saints, and church discipline.

Information about the Church: Grace Bible Presbyterian Church, located in Sharonville, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati, is seeking a godly man to serve as Senior Pastor. The Bible Presbyterian denomination actively holds the Westminster Confession of Faith as an explanation of its standard of theological belief. Grace BPC currently has about 200 in attendance each week in our congregation. We have an immediate opening for Senior Pastor to help lead our church.

Application/Contact Information:
As you feel led by the Holy Spirit, we invite you to send your resume and cover letter to: GBPCPastorSearch@gmail.com. We realize that confidentiality must be upheld throughout the entire process. We do not want to jeopardize your current position. We, therefore, request that you do not contact Grace Bible Presbyterian Church directly. All communications will be dealt directly with the Senior Pastor Search Committee only, and all information stays within the confines of the committee until the final candidate is recommended.

Church Website: http://gracebpc.org/

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Associate Director-- Louisville, KY

Crossings Ministries
13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive
Louisville, KY 40223

Job TitleAssociate Director

Job Description: 
Title: Associate Director
Reports to: Property Director
Job Classification: Exempt Status

Position Summary
Provide leadership that creates a culture to develop relationships both with our staff and our guests that leads to a greater understanding of the gospel and seeks to display a level of excellence that anticipates, meets and exceeds our guests’ needs. The Associate Director’s role will often times call for innovative and creative solutions to complex problems that rarely have one right answer. This role is seen as a partner in ministry along with the director to see the mission of Crossings be lived out on the property. This will be a full time position with appropriate benefits and housing. This position will be salaried and hours will be determined by the season of the year.

Gospel displayed as:

  • Commit to a daily walk with Christ that includes reading his word, praying and regular fellowship with believers.
  • Commit to a consistent attendance in a local body of believers.
  • Commit to regularly sharing your faith.
Relationships displayed as:
  • Commit to seeking out opportunities to build relationships with our staff.
  • Commit to resolving conflict in a way that honors Christ and His word.
  • Commit to seeking out opportunities to build relationships with our guests prior to their arrival and while on property.
Excellence displayed as:
  • Commit to seeking to do everything that we do as unto the Lord.
  • Commit to help hold accountable each person on our staff to this same level of excellence.
Key areas of responsibility
  • Represent Crossings to all types of customers (leaders, parents, students) and be determined to proclaim the cause, missions and values of Crossings.
  • Adapt and provide creative solutions to organizational and operational changes that are fast paced within an ever changing environment while withholding a high standard of excellence and compassion.
  • In the absence of the Director, lead in the daily operations of every area of the camp, including: Food Service, Facilities, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Recreation, Guest Relations, etc.
  • Support the Camp Director in successfully maintaining budget items and expenses, presenting a unified front for other duties that may be assigned and developing future improvement plans for all facilities and grounds.
  • Direct oversight of all areas of Food Service, including: Working with vendors to prepare menus, Hiring Staff to prepare food, preparing and monitoring a budget for all food related costs, necessary inspections for food service etc.
  • Creatively design and coordinate projects utilizing volunteers, mission groups or even full time staff to accomplish needed tasks. No one person can outperform a well-planned and well-executed task accomplished by a team of appropriate volunteers or staff.
  • Critically think through issues of the overall camp goals and multitask while making decisions in multiple areas of camp. Learn to see the effects of every decision in all areas of Crossings ie. Jonathan Creek, Central Office, Cedarmore and beyond.
Core competencies required
  • Knowledge and passion for Crossings vision, mission, tradition and customs.
  • Ability to execute all duties in the complete absence of the Camp Director.
  • Strong leadership experience within communities and departmental activities.
  • Excellent public speaking and salesmanship; ability to communicate clearly and concisely to both children and parents.
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, demonstrate patience and driving when needed, along with a strong work ethic
  • Ability to develop and manage projects and team members, to effectively accomplish a goal and exceed expectations.
  • Willingness to take on any necessary roles and responsibilities to accomplish a task.
  • Someone who is highly motivated, organized, detail-oriented and a responsible self-starter.
  • Confident in conflict management and the ability to find a resolution to difficulties.
  • Highly proficient with standard office software such as MS Office Suite Products.
  • Preparedness and willingness to live on-site all year round with immediate family.
  • Our guests make significant spiritual decisions while at camp ie. Salvation, Call to Ministry etc.
  • You seek to maintain relationships both with those that you work with and those that you serve.
  • These are measured in a yearly 360 degree evaluation and then on a weekly basis through retreat and camp evaluations.
  • You seek to maintain excellence in your work. This is measured through the timely, error free completion of your work.
Information about the organization: Crossings is a group-based camp ministry that is first and foremost about proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Crossings has seen consistent double digit percentage growth each year and has seen 1000s of students decide to trust Jesus as Lord of their lives and commit to full-time vocational ministry. This growth demands a disciplined environment of continual innovation and seeking after a standard of excellence that is constantly elevated. Ultimately, we seek to be the very best group based camp ministry in the world, not so that we can be the best, but so that the Gospel can be proclaimed in a way that honors the authority and authenticity of the scriptures, in a way that is relevant to those that are hearing the Gospel message and in an environment that is free of distractions to the Gospel message being proclaimed.

Application/Contact Information: Please send resume to sbidwell@gocrossings.org

Website: http://www.gocrossings.org/

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Pastor of Student Ministries-- Hampton Falls, NH

Hampton Falls First Baptist Church
3 Lincoln Avenue
Hampton Falls, NH 03844

Job TitlePastor of Student Ministries

Job Description: First Baptist Church of Hampton Falls is seeking to fill the full time position of Pastor of Student Ministries. The responsibilities cover ministry from birth through High School tassel. The ideal candidate will have an M.Div. Degree with experience and training in curriculum, lesson planning and instructional strategy. We are looking for someone who has, as their primary spiritual gifts: teaching, administration, and shepherding. While this is not a Youth Pastor position, a love of youth is important.

Area of Responsibility and Specific Tasks
The Pastor of Student Ministries will have the following oversight responsibilities for people from birth through high school:

  1. The establishment of objectives and strategies
  2. The evaluation of objectives and strategies
  3. The securing and developing of staffing
  4. The pastoring of those people in the area of responsibility
The Pastor of Student Ministries will have oversight responsibilities in the following areas:
  1. Sunday Youth Education
    • Nursery through High School
  2. Mid Week Youth Groups
    • Young Bereans (1-3rd Grade)
    • Tweens (4-5th Grade)
    • Junior High
    • Senior High
  3. Vacation Bible School
  4. Scouts
The Pastor of Student Ministries will share oversight responsibilities with other pastoral leadership in the following areas:
  1. Teaching
  2. Small Group
  3. Young Adult Ministry
  4. Visitation
  5. Crisis Calling
  6. Counseling
  7. Weddings
  8. Funerals (Primarily Lead Pastor)
  9. Marriage and Family
  10. Administration and Scheduling of Events
  11. Library (Primarily Pastor of Adult Ministries)
  12. Outreach
  13. Infant Dedications/New Parents
  14. Leadership Development
Information about the Church: The First Baptist Church was established in 1816 when six families met in a home next to “the falls” to hear the preaching of a Baptist minister. It is said that this was the first time a Baptist had ever “delivered a discourse in Hampton Falls!” Since then, the church has continued to proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The church has grown from its roots as a small town community church. Presently, our church community draws regular attenders from over 30 towns, as many as 30 miles away. The church remains committed to intentionally proclaim the truths revealed to us in the Bible in order that Jesus Christ may be glorified in everything!

We believe that the purpose of the church is as stated in Ephesians 4: “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that that the body of Christ may be built up, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God, and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

To that end, our ministry is organized around four areas: Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, and Evangelism.

We welcome you to come and worship with us as we continue to proclaim Christ to the seacoast of New Hampshire.

Application/Contact Information: If interested, please submit a resume, personal testimony, and philosophy of ministry for this age group to Ken Lawrence: klawrence@hffbc.org

Church Website: http://www.hffbc.org/

August 25, 2014

Executive Pastor-- Hingham, MA

South Shore Baptist Church
578 Main Street
Hingham, MA 02061

Job TitleExecutive Pastor

Job Description: Primary duties: 1) support the ministry of the senior pastor, 2) implement the church's vision with the staff and ministries of the church, 3) oversee church staff, 4) develop systems and processes to facilitate the church's ministry and 5) coordinate the overall ministry program of the church.

Requirements: man who meets biblical qualifications for an elder, has proven organizational and change leadership experience, vocational church experience and theological education highly preferred.

Information about the Church: A suburban church on the south shore of Boston with 600+ in average weekly attendance, 6 FT and 8 PT employees. Senior Pastor entering 18th year of service at the church, with strong ties to 9Marks and Simeon Trust. Church has a long term vision of pastoral training, church planting, and resourcing other local churches.

Application/Contact Information: To apply, as well as to find a copy of the position description, church doctrinal statement and church membership covenant, follow this link:

Church Website: http://www.southshorebaptist.com/

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Co-Pastor-- Petersburg, AK

Petersburg Bible Church
916 Sandy Beach Road
Petersburg, AK 99833

Job Title: Co-Pastor

Job Summary: Partnering with the current full-time pastor in shepherding the flock and reaching the community for Christ. We are looking not for a specialist but for someone who can do all the things a pastor normally does. (Preaching, teaching, leading, counseling, discipleship, etc). Once we find the right person, we can bend the specifics of the position according to the gifts, strengths, interests, and passions of the pastor.

Job Description:

Emphasis will lie primarily on:
• Sharing the pulpit with the Lead Pastor
• Meeting people for discipleship and ministry training. With a growing congregation with many eager to grow and minister to others, this pastor will focus attention on actively mentoring and training people in spiritual maturity and ministry to others
• Meeting individuals & couples for pastoral/Biblical counseling as well as engaging in regular visitation. With the isolation of island-life there are few options for receiving pastoral/Biblical counsel other than from a pastor or other Christian acquaintances. This provides a large opportunity for applying God’s Word to a whole range of struggles that people face. Proactive discipleship and counsel will take place through regular visitation of those in the congregation. 

Other responsibilities will include:
• Being an evangelistic witness in the community
• Facilitating church programs including small groups, conferences, committees, and assisting with day-to-day administration.
• Other ministry opportunities depending on need and the gifts, interests, and passions of the minister.

Though the past few pastors and the current leadership is Reformed, the congregation is quite diverse. Any pastor here must be able to balance preaching his convictions with lovingly shepherding those who may have differing views on Calvinism, Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Eschatology, and other secondary or tertiary issues. An experienced, patient, humble pastor who is not militant about non-salvation doctrines, with a respect for differing theological positions, and with a passion for church unity is preferred.

Other Information: 

The Community
Petersburg Bible Church is located in Petersburg, Alaska, a town of approximately 3000 people. Petersburg is on the northern tip of Mitkof Island in Southeast, Alaska within the famous Inside Passage. Petersburg was founded by Norwegian fishermen over a hundred years ago and is called Alaska’s Little Norway. It is a fairly stable community sustained by a strong fishing industry, tourism and federal employees working with the Forest Service. Petersburg is surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Tongass National Forest, the nation's largest national forest. Tourists come to Petersburg to enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and sight-seeing. While the climate is relatively moderate, a substantial amount of precipitation accompanies life in Petersburg.

The Church
In the mid-1900’s missionaries with Gospel Missionary Union started planting a series of churches throughout Southeast Alaska including one in Petersburg in 1967. Once each church was well established, Gospel Missionary Union launched them as independent churches which took place for the Petersburg Bible Church in 1980. The congregation has steadily grown to now to about 200 regular attenders. While the congregation is comprised by believers from many different backgrounds, there is unity and passion for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Application/Contact Information
Please email cover letter, resume, doctrinal statement, and anything else that would be helpful for us to know to Pastor Demetrius (Demer) Webb at demerwebb@gmail.com. In return we’ll send you an application. Thanks.

In addition to our church’s website, feel free to visit the pastor’s blog at http://explorethestory.wordpress.com/ to learn more about Pastor Demer and the church.

Church Website: www.petersburgbiblechurch.org

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Worship Music and Community Discipleship Pastor-- Louisville, KY

Immanuel Baptist Church
704 East St. Catherine Street
Louisville, KY 40203

Job TitleWorship Music and Community Discipleship Pastor

Job Description: Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY is looking to hire a faithful, godly man to serve full time as our Worship Music and Community Discipleship Pastor. Candidates for this position will be considered based on their biblical qualifications to serve as a pastor (1 Tim. 5; Titus 1), their technical music ability and experience, as well as their compatibility with Immanuel's vision, mission, and philosophy of ministry. A full job description can be found at ibclouisville.org/were-hiring.

Information about the Church: Immanuel is an Evangelical, Reformed, and Baptist church that is mature in doctrine and practice and is in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention. Growing steadily with new members who are young professionals with new families, Immanuel is seeking to excellently equip and lead the church to sing joyfully in response to the great salvation we have received.

Application/Contact Information: Resumes, including references, can be submitted to Immanuel's Executive Pastor Ben Hedrick at bhedrick@ibclouisville.org.

Church Website: http://www.ibclouisville.org/

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August 12, 2014

Senior Pastor-- Beverly, MA

North Shore Community Baptist Church
9 Hart Street
Beverly, MA 01915

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job Description: North Shore Community Baptist Church is an established, blended-worship, multi-generational, evangelical church in the northern suburbs of Boston seeking to be a light in our community. We are searching for a Senior Pastor who will help us to be the Word-driven, elder-governed, pastor-led church we aspire to be. Strong candidates will have an MDiv. or higher and will be a strong exegetical preacher and shepherd.

Information about the Church: NSCBC is a member of Converge Northeast.

Application/Contact Information: Please go to our web site to see the full position description and to access the application.

Dave Sweet, Sr. 
Pastoral Search Committee Chair

August 6, 2014

Student Pastor-- N. Muskegon, MI

Calvary Church
1910 Ruddiman Ave
N. Muskegon, MI 49445

Job TitleStudent Pastor

Job Description: Champion a mentoring community where Calvary’s students get connected, discipled, and released on mission.

Full-time with benefits, reports to staff supervisor

  • Member of Calvary Church (or willing to begin process within 30 days of hiring)
  • Exemplary Christian character comparable to leader qualifications in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Demonstrative passion for working with students
  • Excellent people skills and ability to work in a team environment
  • Competence in strategic planning and administration
  • Education and experience in related field is preferred
General Expectations

  • Maintain flexible full-time working hours
  • Concentrate on empowering others to do ministry
  • Demonstrate a team spirit in partnership with other staff and ministries
  • Own Calvary’s ministry to middle and high school students (and/or music and/or media ministry)
Specific Responsibilities
    • Oversee weekly Bible teaching
    • Oversee weekly small groups
    • Recruit and train adult mentors
    • Partner with parents
    • Organize retreats, missional experiences, and other events when strategic
    • Steward the student ministries budget
  • MUSIC (desired, but not essential)
    • Collaboratively plan worship gatherings
  • MEDIA (desired, but not essential)
    • Collaboratively plan worship gatherings

Information about the Church: 

Purpose of the Church
Calvary Church exists to connect people to God and each other.

Values of the Church
We value being a community that is:

  • Christ-Centered
  • Truth-Oriented
  • Life-Changing
  • Externally-Focused
  • Relationally-Driven
  • Grace-Filled
Essential Beliefs
  • The Bible is God's trustworthy message for ALL people.
  • Jesus is the ONLY way of salvation.
  • Everyone in the world needs to hear God's story.

Application/Contact Information: 
To Inquire, send in a cover letter and your resume to Joy Rosema, Administrative Assistant, via USPS or email:

Calvary Church
ATTN: Joy Rosema
1910 Ruddiman
North Muskegon, MI 49445

Church Website: http://www.calvarymuskegon.com/

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Worship Leader-- Humble, TX

Church at the Cross
19702 W Lake Houston Parkway
Humble, TX 77346

Job TitleWorship Leader

Job Description: Lead worship on Sunday mornings and practice with the praise band during the week. This is a part-time job with salary dependent upon involvement in the overall ministry of the church. We have a blended style with old hymns and newer worship music.

Information about the Church: We are a reformed, Southern Baptist Church that began two-and-a-half years ago in the Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita communities of northeast Houston. Our mission as a church is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Application/Contact Information: 

Children's Director/Minister-- Houston, TX

Houston Chinese Church
10305 South Main Street
Houston, TX 77025

Job TitleChildren's Director/Minister

Job Description:  

Houston Chinese Church (HCC) is looking for a Children’s Director/Minister to lead and oversee the children’s ministry known as “Kidnection” (pre-school through elementary) and the Nursery ministry (birth to age 3). The Children’s Director/Minister will provide leadership to the children’s ministry staff, which includes a part-time Children’s Administrative Assistant and a part-time Nursery Coordinator. Beginning in 1975, HCC now has English, Mandarin, and Cantonese-speaking congregations, with Sunday attendance around 900, and total children’s attendance of approximately 150 kids (~110 of which are in pre-school through elementary and 40 of which are nursery age). HCC children’s ministry aims to provide a safe place for faith formation where children will learn, grow, and be cared for, where colaborers are equipped and encouraged, and where parents are the primary disciplers of their children. Therefore, HCC wants a children’s director/minister who has a vision and passion to connect children and their families to Jesus, and to make God-loving and compassionate disciples beginning at a young age.

General Responsibilities:

  • Work with the pastoral staff to align the children’s ministry vision to that of HCC.
  • Provide leadership and oversee the general direction of the children’s ministries, which includes: nursery, pre-school, elementary, Awana Clubs, and Vacation Bible School (VBS), and summer programs.
  • Recruit, train, and care for teachers, worship/song leaders and musicians, ministry coordinator(s).
  • Determine quarterly curriculum for Sunday school classes for pre-school through elementary.
  • Maintain a safe and clean environment in classrooms.
  • Communicate with General Affairs Deacon and Church Administrator for facility needs.
  • Work with Children’s Ministry Staff and Deacon to prepare annual budget.
  • Welcome and acquaint new families and visitors.
  • Be familiar with and care for HCC children and their families.
  • Provide resources and periodic seminars for parents.
  • Recruit church members to lead and serve on the children’s ministry prayer team.
  • Advocate for the place of children and children’s ministries in the church community.
  • Other job duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • Must be a baptized believer of Jesus Christ, and demonstrate integrity, grace, and commitment to HCC.
  • Agrees completely with the articles of faith, church constitution, mission and core values of HCC.
  • 2+ years experience in Christian education and/or Children’s ministry in North America (volunteer and/or staff)
  • Knowledge of children’s spiritual development and innovative approaches to children’s ministry.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, management, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
  • Possess sensitivity to Chinese and Western cultures and values.
  • Fluent in English language required; knowledge of Chinese language a plus.
  • Experience as a parent of young children a plus.
  • Undergraduate degree required; specialization in Christian Education, child development, elementary education, seminary training preferred.

Information about the Church: Houston Chinese Church is a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic (English/Mandarin/Cantonese), non-denominational, evangelical church in Houston, TX, which has a Sunday attendance of about 900.

Application/Contact Information: 
To apply, please submit a letter of interest, resume and 3 references to Jason Tarn: jasont@hcchome.org

Church Website: http://www.hcchome.org/

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August 4, 2014

Major Gifts Officer, Plano, TX

East-West Ministries
2001 W. Plano Pkwy Suite 3000
Plano, TX 75075

Job Title: Major Gifts Officer

Job Description The Major Gifts Officer works closely with the Vice President – Major Gifts to develop and implement strategy for individual major donor relationship management to achieve the mission and goals of East-West Ministries International. This is a critical position that requires one hundred percent (100%) external focus and the individual’s effectiveness is measured by the achievement of monetary gift goals. This will be accomplished by developing and executing an integrated strategy for raising ministry funds through an external focus by cultivating authentic relationships with major donors. Reporting to the Vice President - Major Gifts, this individual will faithfully steward an extensive caseload in order to increase revenues, as well as utilize other creative means to raise awareness, with the goal of raising significant funds annually. The Major Gifts Officer will utilize innovative and pioneering approaches to fundraising, based on sound, Biblical fundraising principles and best practices that fit the culture and philosophy of EWMI.

Information about the Organization: East-West exists to mobilize the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply disciples and healthy churches among unreached peoples and/or in restricted access communities.

Application/Contact Information: Please submit inquiries to employment@eastwest.org

Website: http://www.eastwest.org/

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Pastor of Student Ministries, Columbus, NE

Highland Park Church
4115 38th St.
Columbus, NE 68601

Job Title: Pastor of Student Ministries

Job Description: This position is for an associate pastor whose ministry emphasis will be student ministries (JH & HS students) as well as college or young adults. It is a vital area of our church which is continuing to grow and for which we are praying that God would provide a gifted man to minister. While student ministries is the emphasis it is a position which provides many other opportunities for preaching, teaching, and counseling in the church as a whole.

Information about the Church:We are a Bible-teaching church of 450-500. We currently have 3 pastors on staff and have an elder board made up of 8 biblically qualified men. We have several vibrant ministries of the church which God is blessing. These include children's ministry, student ministries, missions, home studies, and more.

Application/Contact Information: 
Pastor Mike Escen
email: mescen@highlandparkministries.org
phone: (402)564-5853

Church Website: http://www.highlandparkministries.org/

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