March 26, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Charleston, IL

University Baptist Church
2831 Whitetail Dr.
Charleston, IL

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job Description: This is very negotiable

Information about the Church: Southern Baptist Church in a college town with about 70 in attendance on Sunday mornings. ~40 college students and ~30 community members.

Application/Contact Information: If you are interested at all please contact Zach Rogers at or on his cell phone at 865-207-3994.

March 25, 2015

Part-Time Pastor -- St. Paul, MN

Lake Vadnais Church
208 Twin Lake Blvd
St. Paul, MN

Job TitlePart-time Pastor

Job Description

A. Qualifications
The Pastor will be a man of true Christian character, sound in faith and doctrine. He will meet the qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, Acts 20:28, and 1 Peter 5:1-4. He will be in complete agreement with the Doctrinal Statement of the church and will abide by the constitutional Bylaws as adopted by the church.

B. Job Description/Responsibilities
The Pastor is responsible for using his God given skills and talents in leading the church to function in the New Testament model and to achieve its mission and vision, as directed by the Holy Spirit. Duties and responsibilities are as follow:

  1. The Pastor will lead the church to engage in worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship and ministry.
  2. The Pastor will be the spiritual leader and shepherd of the congregation.
  3. The Pastor will proclaim the gospel and lead the church in proclaiming the gospel to the church and community.
  4. The Pastor will provide administrative leadership for the total church program.
  5. The Pastor will lead the church in a caring ministry for persons in the church and community.
  6. The Pastor will lead or delegate the leadership of the congregational services: plan, coordinate and evaluate congregational services.
  7. The Pastor will preach at all worship services that include preaching or arrange for someone else to perform this function.
  8. The Pastor will plan for and provide leadership in the observance of the church ordinances.
  9. The Pastor will conduct funerals and weddings as he is able.
  10. The Pastor will counsel with and assist/facilitate in training leaders for their responsibilities.
C. Term of Office
The pastor will be called for an indefinite period. He will serve until the relationship is terminated by his request or by the church’s request. A 30-days notice of intent to terminate will be required by either party.

D. Expectations, Remuneration and Privileges

  1. The Pastor will serve on a part-time basis.
  2. The Pastor will be expected to give at least one half-day during the week to fulfilling his duties and responsibilities in addition to Sunday’s responsibilities.
  3. The Pastor’s salary will be an amount approved by the church. The remuneration could take several forms (straight salary, housing allowance, agreement regarding stay at parsonage, auto allowance, etc. or some combination thereof).
  4. The Pastor will be granted 2 paid weeks of vacation time (including up to 2 Sundays) for the first 5 years of service and afterwards additional vacation time being granted as determined by the Pastor and church.
  5. The Pastor will be allowed 2 paid weeks/Sundays per year for illness, denomination work, mission trips, etc.

Information about the Church: 

We are:

  • Non-denominational with a traditional worship style
  • Small in number – big in heart
  • Longtime faithful members seeking disciples to join us in our walk.
  • Eager to serve our Community
We offer:
  • Rich history – with our eyes toward the future
  • Sanctuary in a beautiful setting
  • Great venue for small weddings
We believe:
  • Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and it is by grace that we are saved.
  • That the Holy Scripture is the inspired Word of God.
What we look like:
  • We are warm and friendly
  • We strive to be like Jesus and accept and extend God’s grace and mercy when we fall down.

Application/Contact Information: 

Opening: Immediate

Deadline for submitting resume: April 20, 2015

Send resume and cover letter to:Lake Vadnais Church208 Twin Lake BlvdSt. Paul, MN 55127or

Lead Administrative Assistant -- Minneapolis, MN

Bethlehem Baptist Church
720 13th Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Job TitleLead Administrative Assistant (Downtown)

Job Description: Full-time role. Onsite at Bethlehem's Downtown Campus (Minneapolis).

We are seeking a full time Lead Administrative Assistant, Downtown to work with Pastor Kenny Stokes at our Downtown church campus. We are looking for a leader who is strong in administration, organization, and project management. Job description and application available at Contact: Joby Morgan at 612-338-7653 x460.

March 20, 2015

Graphic Designer -- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethlehem Baptist Church and Bethlehem College & Seminary
720 13th Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Job TitleGraphic Designer (Full-time shared role)

Job Description: Full-time shared role. Onsite at Bethlehem's Downtown Campus (Minneapolis).

We're seeking a graphic designer with art direction experience to assist Bethlehem Baptist Church and Bethlehem College & Seminary's communications departments (20/20 hrs) with design and production of communications materials. Applicant must have strong communication, conceptual, and typographic skills and be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. UI and branding a plus. See job description for details. Please submit a resume and digital portfolio or website to

March 16, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job DescriptionECC’s Senior Pastor’s purpose is to provide teaching, vision and pastoral leadership to enablethe church to fulfill its mission: to glorify God in word and deed, and to serve Him in the power of the Holy Spirit with the goal of bringing unbelievers to faith in Christ and bringing believers to maturity in Christ. The Senior Pastor is accountable to the congregation as led and governed by the ECC Board. He will be ex-officio, voting member of the Board.

Senior Pastor Qualifications

  • Personal conversion experience and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • A personal walk with Christ that is both vibrant and contagious
  • Spiritual maturity manifested in godly character (consistently displaying the fruit of the Spirit and leadership qualities described in I Tim. 3 and Titus 1)
  • A personal Statement of Faith that is consistent with ECC’s Statement of Faith (with ability to articulate and defend the same)
  • M.Div. (or higher) degree in Theology from a recognized evangelical seminary
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a senior pastor of a large church (500+ attendees)
  • A proven track record and passion for expository preaching that is both exegetically sound and relevant to the congregation’s needs
  • A teachable spirit and a servant’s heart
  • Excellent people skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent diplomatic skills
  • Ability to lead, motivate and mobilize adults in a transient environment
  • Sensitivity to cultural and denominational differences and the ability to communicate crossculturally
  • Prior, demonstrated multi-cultural and/or international experience preferable
  • Prior, demonstrated Arab and Islamic culture experience highly preferable
  • Sensitivity to world religions and knowledge of their world views
Information about the Church: The Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi is a Christ-centered, Bible-based,international family of believers. Our purpose is to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ, help them grow in their faith and equip them for ministry both here and around the world.

Application/Contact Information: Apply to:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume
  2. Five (5) References (non-family members names and contact numbers)
  3. Written Personal Faith Statement to include the following;
    • What does it mean to you to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?
    • Briefly describe the events leading up to your decision to become a follower of Jesus.
    • Briefly describe the events leading up to you accepting the call to shepherd God’s flock.
    • Describe your current walk with God.
  4. Please let us know how you learned about this position

March 12, 2015

Interim Teaching Pastor -- Gaithersburg, MD

Covenant Life Church
7501 Muncaster Mill Road
Gaithersburg, MD

Job TitleInterim Teaching Pastor

Job Description
The main responsibilities for this position are preaching 32-36 times per year at Sunday worship meetings and periodically interacting with the elders. In addition, responsibilities could involve the following depending on the ability of the candidate:

  • Leading weekly meeting of staff pastors to plan and evaluate Sunday preaching
  • Working with the Sunday Planning Team leader to assist in planning worship services
  • Meeting regularly with the Executive Pastor for collaboration and input
  • Participating as a non-voting member in Elders meetings (semi-monthly)
  • Participating in strategic planning meetings with a small team of elders (semi-monthly)
  • Meets the biblical character and gifting requirements summarized in the “Biblical Qualifications for Elders” section of the Covenant Life Church Elder Profile
  • Affirms the Covenant Life Statement of Faith
This position reports to the Chairman of the Board of Elders and the Executive Pastor.

Information about the Church: Covenant Life is a large, non-denominational, evangelical church located in a diverse community near the nation's capital. The church is seeking a full-time Interim Teaching Pastor to help provide stability and wisdom as the church seeks a full-time Lead Pastor. This will primarily be expressed through Sunday preaching and meeting with leaders to provide care, input and support.

Application/Contact Information: 
Contact Human Resources Director Amy Kriz with interest or for more information.
Phone: 301-869-2800

March 10, 2015

Lead Pastor -- Downingtown, PA

East Brandywine Baptist Church
999 Horseshoe Pike
Downingtown, PA

Job TitleLead Pastor

Job DescriptionWe are seeking a full-time Lead Pastor who will oversee the spiritual welfare of our congregation at East Brandywine Baptist Church through preaching, teaching, shepherding, and administration. This pastor, along with the other EBBC pastors and deacons, will be responsible for establishing spiritual objectives for our members.

Information about the Church: As an unaffiliated, evangelical Baptist church, our goal is "making and growing disciples" according to the Great Commission Jesus laid out in Matthew both through personal evangelism and global missions. We are seeking a man to lead the congregation following our pastor's recent retirement after his 13 years of service. Our church currently has an average Sunday morning worship attendance of 275 with age-targeted ministries that include AWANA for children nursery to elementary school, youth ministries for middle and high school students, small groups for the adults, and a senior citizens ministry.

Application/Contact Information:

March 9, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Aitkin, MN

Glory Baptist Church
28053 360th Avenue
Aitkin, MN

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job DescriptionGlory Baptist Church is looking for a Senior Pastor who will seek to understand God’s vision for the church and effectively communicate this vision to the congregation. The Senior Pastor will ensure a biblically-based message of significance is delivered with excellence and passion, act as a leader, shepherd and chief executive officer of the church, with guidance from the Deacon Board and Church Council.

Information about the Church: Glory Baptist Church is a 75 year-old congregation within the denomination of Converge. We are a rural church located 10 miles south of Aitkin, MN (aprox. pop. 2,000). We are located in a recreational lakes area thus our Sunday attendance is around 120 during the Summer and 80 during the Winter. We are a congregational church led by the senior pastor and board of deacons. We are utilizing Converge's P3 program in our pastor search. If interested in applying for this position please contact us by email and we will explain how to enter the P3 program.

Application/Contact Information: 
Glory Search Team:

February 16, 2015

Director of Children's Ministry -- Glendora, CA

Foothill Church
242 W. Baseline Rd. 
Glendora, CA

Job TitleDirector of Children's Ministry

Job Description

The Director of Children’s Ministry is responsible for providing a dynamic, gospel-centered worship experience for children ages 0 to 5th grade during our weekend services, along with responsibilities in and out of the office during the weekdays.


  • Fulfill the duties required of Foothill Church Members as outlined in the Membership Covenant
  • Fulfill the requirements for a Deacon/Deaconess from 1 Timothy 3.8–13
  • Agree wholeheartedly with the Foothill Church Statement of Faith
  • An understanding of the developmental needs of children 0–5th grade and their families
  • Proven track record of training volunteers, building teams and creating/managing complex people systems
  • A passion for children’s ministry and engaging children with the gospel
  • Theological training (Bible/Theology)
  • 3–5 years experience in children’s ministry
  • Large church (1,500¬–2,000) experience

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Ability to problem-solve under pressure with grace
  • Trustworthy, discrete and diplomatic
  • Self-starter and disciplined to work in an unsupervised environment
  • Adaptable to changes in roles and responsibilities
  • Able to complete a number of diverse, unfinished project
  • Sense of humor, personable and friendly
  • Humble and teachable
  • Ability to lead a team of volunteers
  • Vision for growth
  • Able to network and build relationships outside of the church
  • Team player, and understands the value in constructive criticism

  • Understanding of, and agreement with, Foothill Church’s philosophy of ministry, theological principles and mission
  • Basic understanding of the role each department plays in fulfilling the mission of Foothill Church
  • Understanding of what a healthy “Children’s Ministry” is and what it looks like
  • Detailed understanding of Children’s Ministry and always eager to learn more
  • Ability to perform duties with minimal supervision
  • Ability to equip volunteers with resources and tools to succeed in their specifics areas
  • Ability to recognize a need and fill it with the appropriate tools/people/etc.
  • Ability to manage paid staff working under his/her direction
  • Ability to have lasting relationships with children and families in the church
  • Able to use a computer; accessing email, Planning Center Online, ACS
  • Literate with Microsoft Excel, Word, and Google Apps

  • Create volunteer systems to run a safe, dynamic, gospel-centered children’s program for all weekend services
  • Lead and train volunteer leaders to oversee portions of the children’s ministry
  • Create/Oversee creation of curriculum that follows main, adult weekend services
  • Track new and existing families through children’s ministry and create a follow up process for new families/children
  • Keep senior leadership apprised of any issues or needs in Foothill Kids (no surprises)
  • Manage and oversee paid staff
  • Promote and coordinate Summer and Winter Camps for 3rd – 5th graders
  • Help and support other staff members of Foothill Church with specific responsibilities that need assistance

  • “I can do that.” We will do whatever it takes to advance the mission of Foothill Church. Nothing is beneath us. Our loyalty is the mission of Foothill Church, not a job description.
  • “Make it better.” We are committed to a culture of improvement. We will never arrive. There’s always something we can do better and we will constantly look for those minor tweaks and major improvements.
  • “Family is my first ministry.” Ministry begins at home. Strong families are the bedrock of church leadership and a healthy church. We won’t sacrifice our families on the altar of ministry and we won’t use our families as an excuse for procrastination, laziness or failing to advance our mission.
  • “Make it happen.” We will take all the time necessary to make a good decision…and no more. We will err on the side of forward movement and when a decision is made we will make it happen. We value doing over dreaming.
  • “Work should be fun.” We take God seriously, but not ourselves. We laugh at work and often laugh at ourselves. We will create space and seize opportunities to have fun as a staff.
  • “Keep it simple.” We will fight the urge to create more complexity. We will say “No” unless we’re presented with a golden opportunity or notice a fatal flaw.
  • “Replace yourself.” We will work hard to train leaders and create systems that can function well in our absence. We believe our job is not simply to manage people and systems but to be leaders of leaders.
  • “Assume the best.” When there is a gap between someone’s behavior and our expectations we will give them the same benefit of the doubt that we give ourselves. There is no advantage when team members place suspicion in the gap. There are huge advantages to filling the gap with trust.
Hours: 40+ hours per week (must be available for miscellaneous special events, church meetings, etc. as needed)

Pay: Commensurate with experience
Vacation: Two weeks floating vacation plus one week at Christmas, paid holidays and 6 weekends off a year

Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Retirement, and Tuition Discount

Information about the Church: Foothill Church exists to glorify God by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, rooted in the gospel. This is our mission and it is carried out through various ministries requiring people with different gifts and abilities. As we continue to grow, we will need qualified people who want to work in a growing, vibrant, and fast-paced church that seeks to engage the culture with vibrant, gospel-centered ministries.

Application/Contact Information: Please complete an online application at and email your resume to
If you have any questions about this position please email

January 27, 2015

Pastor of Youth & Worship Ministries

Riverview Baptist Church
14 Moreland Avenue East
West St. Paul, MN

Job TitlePastor of Youth & Worship Ministries

Job DescriptionThe Minister of Christian Life & Growth for Youth and Worship, Music, & Arts is a full-time ministry position that encompasses ministry to children in middle and high school and the church’s musical and artistic worship ministries. This position is directly accountable to the Pastor of Christian Life & Growth for Children and Adults and the Senior Pastor. Additionally, this position will be held accountable by the Christian Life & Growth Committee and the Church Council.

  1. Profession of faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Meets the qualifications for an elder as found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  3. Agreement with the faith statement of Riverview Baptist Church.
  4. Membership at Riverview Baptist Church.
  5. Membership on Riverview’s Christian Life & Growth and Worship, Music, & Arts committees, and regular attendance at meetings.
  6. Agreement with and adherence to Riverview’s Theology of Worship and vision for Worship, Music, & Arts in the ministry of the church.
  7. Attendance at weekly staff meetings (Mondays, 10:00 AM).
  8. Ability to receive direction from other members of the pastoral staff as necessary.
  9. Giftedness in teaching children and youth. The Youth Pastor shall be a gifted teacher who is able to adapt curriculum and the content of lessons to a certain setting and audience.
  10. Experience and proficiency in planning and leading congregational worship.
  11. Musical knowledge and ability, such as proficiency on guitar and/or piano, ability to read music, ability to arrange music, etc.
  12. Completion of undergraduate schooling or equivalent ministry experience is preferred.
  1. Teach a weekly Sunday School class to teenage students.
  2. Plan, coordinate, and lead a weekly youth group meeting (September through May) for the middle and high school youth groups, and during the summer months, although it is not expected that meetings retain the same frequency or intensity as during the school months.
  3. Plan, coordinate, and implement monthly activities for Middle and High School youth.
  4. Plan, coordinate, and lead an annual mission experience for students in grades 7-12.
  5. Plan, coordinate, and lead regular outreach activities for the purpose of bringing the gospel to youth of our community.
  6. Maintain regular contact with students outside of the church environment for the purposes of deepening existing relationships within the youth group and for maintaining an evangelistic presence in the community.
  7. Encourage participation among youth group members in the ministry of Village Creek Bible Camp. The Youth Pastor is expected to attend summer camps and youth retreats either as a staff leader or as a volunteer leader in association with Village Creek.
  8. Work alongside parents by equipping them to disciple their children. The Youth Pastor is expected to forge relationships with parents and to partner with them in the spiritual development of the youth at Riverview Baptist.
  1. Plan weekly and special services (holidays, etc.), including scheduling on a seasonal basis in accordance with the Senior Pastor’s sermon schedule.
  2. Coordinate with the worship team for worship services (plan and attend worship team rehearsals, song selection, lead worship during services, etc.).
  3. Coordinate with Worship, Music, & Arts volunteers and staff members (choir director, audio, projection staff, etc.).
  4. Recruit and train musicians to serve during worship services and for other events and functions of the church.
  5. Oversee and work with the Choir Director and choir in the worship planning process.
  1. Submit written reports on a monthly basis to the Deacon Board, Church Council, Worship, Music, & Arts Committee, and Christian Life & Growth Committee.
  2. Recruit and train adult volunteers to work alongside the Youth Pastor in the implementation of the aforementioned ministry responsibilities.
  3. Publicize youth events through the church bulletin, newsletter, and website, and during the worship service.
  4. Publicize musical and artistic events through the church bulletin, newsletter, and website, and during the worship service.
  5. Communicate weekly with parents regarding specific details of truths discussed at weekly Sunday School classes and youth group meetings, short and long term plans, and general information about the youth ministry.
  6. Communicate regularly with volunteers and staff members regarding worship planning and services (pastors, choir director, accompanists, worship team members, etc.).
  7. Coordinate with other youth ministers in the MN Association for special youth events between association churches.
  8. Participate in the regular life and work of the church (attendance at worship services, mid-week gatherings, etc.) to the best of his ability.
  9. Assist in internet communication and publication as needed or directed.
Information about the Church: Riverview Baptist Church is a member of the North American Baptist Conference and it is locate in West St. Paul, MN.

Application/Contact Information: Email resume and cover letter to Pastor Levi Secord at

January 23, 2015

Pastor -- Brockton, MA

Grace Church
900 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301

Job TitleHigh School Pastor

Job DescriptionBrockton is a large city in southeastern Massachusetts, home to approximately 100,000 residents. Many of the folks in our city struggle with poverty, drug addiction, broken homes and most importantly, lack of a relationship with God . Many people here are suffering economically as well as spiritually and Grace Church attempts to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our city. Our goal is to let God's gospel grace shine through us on the city we love so much.

We are looking for a pastor who can lead us in being a light to this city by pouring out the love of God in servitude to our neighbors, for the sake of the Gospel.

  • He must possess integrity, humility, vision, passion, communication skills and a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • He must be committed to gospel-centered teaching.
  • He must be committed to expositional preaching. 
Expositional preaching at its simplest, is preaching that is focused on explaining the meaning of Scripture in its historical and grammatical context. He must be able to preach what the Bible says, to a contemporary audience that is likely unfamiliar with the cultural and historical settings that the passage was written in. The preacher dares to speak on behalf of God. He stands in the pulpit as a steward "of the mysteries of God" (1 Cor 4:1) and declares the truth of God's word, proclaims the power of that word, and applies the word to life.

  • He must have a high view of the sovereignty of God.
  • Experience in, and/or passion for, the urban context is preferred.
  • He will meet the pastoral qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9, and formal ministry training and education is preferred.
We can only offer a part-time or bivocational salary at this time. We pray that we can grow to the point where we can offer full-time salary in the near future. The prospective pastor can also consider fundraising the remainder of his needed full-time salary until we grew to the point where we could support him full-time.

Information about the Church: Grace Church Brockton is a four year old church with about twenty members. Some of us are new in the faith; some have been Christians for years. Our members come from very diverse backgrounds, which helps us to reach out to any newcomer that walks through our door. Every member of our small church possesses a spiritual gift that helps make us a devoted team focused on sharing the gospel—both in word and deed—with the city of Brockton.

Application/Contact Information: If you would like to apply for this position, please send your résumé to Grace Church's Transition Team member, Koniev Yoyo, at

Associate Pastor of Worship and Connections -- Fairbank, AK

Bethel Church
PO Box 83889
Fairbank, AK 99708

Job TitleAssociate Pastor of Worship and Connections 

Job DescriptionWe are looking for an experienced worship leader and shepherd to join our Pastoral team. This person must possess musical skills, ability to lead and develop teams, and possess a shepherd’s heart. Bethel church is filled with young enthusiastic families eager to grow in their relationship with Christ. We are looking for a biblically qualified man with a spirit of adventure to join our growing church and well-established pastoral team. More information can be found at

Information about the Church: Bethel Church is a Conservative Baptist Church that has been gathering in interior Alaska for over 50 years. We are a Bible teaching church; theologically conservative with a contemporary worship and ministry style. We maintain affiliations with the Conservative Baptist Association of Alaska as well as Conservative Baptists Northwest and the Conservative Baptist Association of America. These are voluntary associations of churches that agree to live in covenant community. They may offer advice and recommendations, but do not have any authority or oversight of Bethel Church.

We also seek to cooperate with other churches of like faith and practice for the purposes of helping people to trust, follow, and serve Jesus Christ.

Application/Contact Information: 
Senior Pastor Eric Johns

January 20, 2015

Executive Vice President of Development: Plano, TX

East-West Ministries International
2001 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 3000
Plano, TX

Job Title: Executive Vice President of Development

Job Description: East-West Ministries International is seeking a proven leader to serve as the Executive Vice President of Development in Plano, Texas. This position takes primary responsibility for raising the general fund ministry budget of East-West Ministries International. This will be accomplished by developing and executing an integrated strategy for raising ministry funds, providing leadership for the Development Department that will support this strategy, and cultivating current and new relationships with major donors. In addition, the Executive Vice President of Development will ensure that all fundraising activities are ethical, legal, biblical, and consistent with the Ends Policy of East-West Ministries International.

Education and Experience:
• College degree required, advance degree preferred
• At least 10 years of nonprofit development experience is essential
• At least 5 years leading a development function for a nonprofit organization is essential
• Major gift program experience required

Skills and Abilities:
  • Demonstrated leadership and shepherding skills
  • Proficient in Outlook and Microsoft Office tools
  • Strong initiative, motivation, and ability to complete tasks on time
  • Ability to provide clear direction during stressful situations
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Information about the Organization: 
East-West has one consuming passion—to make God known among every nation, every tribe, every tongue, and every people. There’s a world waiting to know Jesus. And we are desperate to reach them with the radical message of God’s love and grace.
We are a band of bold witnesses united to impact God’s Kingdom. We’re on a mission . . . and we refuse to play it safe until all have heard.
What Makes Us Unique

  1. Reaching the Unreached
    • We focus our attention on unreached and unengaged people groups as well as areas with limited or restricted access to the gospel.
  2. Church Focused
    • We focus on building and mobilizing the Church because we believe it is central to God’s plan for bringing the gospel to the world.
  3. Empowered National Leadership
    • We encourage and empower nationals to spread the gospel to create a self-sustaining ministry.
  4. Creative Entrepreneurs
    • We lead the way with creativity and entrepreneurship in our approach to evangelizing and fostering church planting movements in our target areas.
  5. Adaptability
    • We continue to grow in our understanding of missiological insights and adjust our strategies accordingly.
Application/Contact Information: For more information, please contact Joanna at, and complete the corresponding application at

January 15, 2015

High School Pastor -- Bowling Green, KY

Living Hope Baptist Church
1805 Westen Ave
Bowling Green, KY 42104

Job TitleHigh School Pastor

Job DescriptionLiving Hope Baptist Church (Bowling Green, KY) is seeking a High School Pastor to join our team and help us pass the baton of faith to the next generation. We’re praying for candidates who love teenagers (grades 9-12) and their families, have a specific call to student ministry, and are gifted to connect and communicate with them. We’re committed to developing gospel-centered student disciples with a passion for Christ and His Word, who make disciples, serve the church, and are engaged with both local and global missions. As we pursue both a family ministry approach to discipleship (partnering with parents in growing students as disciples) and small groups, the High School pastor will be expected to lead, equip and communicate with both parents and volunteer leaders. Qualified candidates will have previous lead experience in a ministry with at least 100 students, and give unreserved affirmation to the Living Hope statement of faith and membership covenant. Bible college or seminary training is preferred but not required.

Information about the Church: At Living Hope, we are in the relentless pursuit of creating a multi-cultural, multi-generational, counter-cultural community of faith that is connecting with God and caring for people. We are disciples making disciples.

Our hope is that every person who comes into contact with the family of Living Hope will have an unforgettable encounter of encouragement, as the power and grace of God is reflected through the prayers and the praise of the people and the preaching of God’s Word.

Application/Contact Information: Email Dan Edmonson at or call him at the church.

January 13, 2015

Part-Time Worship Leader -- The Woodlands, TX

The Church at Alden Bridge
8050 Branch Crossing Drive
The Woodlands, TX

Job TitlePart-Time Worship Leader

Job DescriptionThe Church at Alden Bridge is looking for a biblically qualified man who understands how to lead a blended service consisting of lyric-driven doctrinal songs that encourages congregational singing. He will work closely with the pastor in choosing the songs and planning the service, and humbly lead the worship team in weekly practice.

Information about the Church: The Church at Alden Bridge is a Christ-centered community in The Woodlands, TX, committed to making disciples through the expositional preaching of God’s word and living in discipleship relationships.

Application/Contact Information: Please email interest letter and resume to:Nick Jones, Lead Pastor

January 5, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Chetek, WI

Faith Baptist Church
1475 Railroad Ave
PO Box 174
Chetek, WI 54728

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job DescriptionFaith Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who will function as shepherd of the flock and servant-leader, providing Christ-centered biblical teaching and spiritual guidance. His life needs to be aligned with the qualifications as outlined in scripture. His primary responsibilities will be to preach and teach the Word of God, help shepherd the flock, and lead the church in reaching the lost both locally and abroad. He will also work in harmony with church leadership to carry out the mission/vision and ministries of the church and intentionally train other believers to become leaders.

Information about the Church: Faith Baptist Church is a congregation of 140+ people located in Chetek, Wisconsin, a city of approximately 2200 people. The church organizational structure is currently comprised of a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Director (lay person), as well as a Church Secretary.

Application/Contact Information: Please submit resumes in PDF format to or mail to the main address, attention: Pastoral Search Committee.

Church Website:

Click HERE to view the church's location on the Job Map.

December 16, 2014

Pastor of Student Ministries -- Hampton Falls, NH

Hampton Falls First Baptist Church
3 Lincoln Avenue
Hampton Falls, NH 03833

Job Title: Pastor of Student Ministries

Job Description: First Baptist Church of Hampton Falls is seeking to fill the full time position of Pastor of Student Ministries. The responsibilities cover ministry from birth through High School tassel. The ideal candidate will have an M.Div. Degree with experience and training in curriculum, lesson planning and instructional strategy. We are looking for someone who has, as their primary spiritual gifts: teaching, administration, and shepherding.
  1. A complete job description is available on our church web site: Go to “About Us” and then “Employment Opportunities”
  2. While this pastor is expected to work with children, youth and adults, IT IS NOT A YOUTH PASTOR POSITION.
  3. Expected qualifications are listed in the job description. The ideal candidate will have experience and training in education. He will help us to develop 'scope and sequence' for our children and youth.
  4. Our church has a regular Sunday morning attendance of between 450 -500 people. We have a Lead Pastor position a Pastor of Adult Ministry position and a Pastor of Student Ministry position that is presently open. Under the leadership of the Lead Pastor, the other two pastors are considered equals in their defined areas of ministry.
  5. If you are interested, please send your resume, personal testimony, and philosophy of ministry regarding children and youth to
Area of Responsibility and Specific Tasks

The Pastor of Student Ministries will have the following oversight responsibilities for people from birth through high school:
  1. The establishment of objectives and strategies
  2. The evaluation of objectives and strategies
  3. The securing and developing of staffing
  4. The pastoring of those people in the area of responsibility
The Pastor of Student Ministries will have oversight responsibilities in the following areas:
  1. Sunday Youth Education
    • Nursery through High School
  2. Mid Week Youth Groups
    • Young Bereans (1-3rd Grade)
    • Tweens (4-5th Grade)
    • Junior High
    • Senior High
  3. Vacation Bible School
  4. Scouts
Information about the Church: The First Baptist Church was established in 1816 when six families met in a home next to “the falls” to hear the preaching of a Baptist minister. It is said that this was the first time a Baptist had ever “delivered a discourse in Hampton Falls!” Since then, the church has continued to proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The church has grown from its roots as a small town community church. Presently, our church community draws regular attenders from over 30 towns, as many as 30 miles away. The church remains committed to intentionally proclaim the truths revealed to us in the Bible in order that Jesus Christ may be glorified in everything!

We believe that the purpose of the church is as stated in Ephesians 4: “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that that the body of Christ may be built up, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God, and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

To that end, our ministry is organized around four areas: Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, and Evangelism.

We welcome you to come and worship with us as we continue to proclaim Christ to the seacoast of New Hampshire.

Application/Contact Information: If interested, please submit a resume, personal testimony, and philosophy of ministry for this age group to Ken Lawrence:

Senior Pastor -- Ball Ground, GA

Westminster Chapel
9972 Ball Ground Highway 
Ball Ground, GA 30107

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job Description: We are seeking a shepherd to lead, feed, guard & guide us through godly living, Spirit empowered prayer, expository preaching & kingdom vision casting. Please consult our website and constitution at and prayerfully consider if you want to partner with us in the Gospel.

Information about the Church: JESUS IS LORD! is the heart cry of Westminster Chapel. We are a Christ exalting, Gospel driven & Bible believing congregation. We hold to the "solas" of the Reformation & seek to be always reforming according to God's Word.

Application/Contact Information: send resume & sermon links if available to Kirk Harris at

December 11, 2014

Part-Time Worship Pastor (or Director)

Clovis Evangelical Free Church
2377 Armstrong Ave. 
Clovis, CA 93611

Job TitlePart-Time Worship Pastor (or Director)

Job Description: Clovis Evangelical Free Church, Clovis, located in Clovis, CA is now accepting resumes for a part-time Worship Pastor (or Director). CEFC is searching for a man of God to lead us in worship who affirms the following: a pastoral approach to leading the congregation, a unified approach to every element of the worship service, a lyric-driven, sound doctrinal approach to song selection, and a blended approach of traditional and contemporary.

Interested candidates should visit to read the following documents about CEFC:

1. Statement of Faith
2. Philosophy of Ministry
3. Constitution and By-laws
4. Guiding Worship Documents
5. Complete Job Description

Also, on this page, qualified applicants may submit a resume that includes video links demonstrating worship leadership in a local church service.

Title, specific responsibilities, and compensation will be commensurate with present level of education and ministry experience. All who embrace our vision for worship are encouraged to apply! We will be receiving resumes until January 31.

December 3, 2014

HR Payroll and Benefits Administrator -- Plano, TX

East-West Ministries International
2001 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 3000
Plano, TX

Job Title: HR Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Job Description: East-West Ministries International is seeking a part-time HR Payroll and Benefits Administrator to serve at our headquarters office in Plano, Texas. The HR Payroll and Benefits Administrator will provide professional human resources leadership and expertise in payroll and benefits administration, execution, compliance and data management. In addition, the Administrator will provide support for various HR functions: 401k funding, employee onboarding, insurance billing and reconciliation, and payroll policies and procedures. The HR Payroll and Benefits Administrator will apply knowledge of payroll and basic accounting procedures, including general ledger postings. The Payroll and Benefits Administrator provides backup support for assigned functions during the absence of the HR Generalist.

Education and Experience
•Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university required, preferably with a major in Business or Accounting
•Minimum of two years of payroll experience
•Experience with a reputable payroll vender is preferred
•Knowledge of multi-state unemployment and multi-state income tax preferred
•Knowledge of basic accounting procedures, including general ledger preferred

Skills and Abilities
•Flexibility, focus, and a strong work ethic are essential
•Excellent administrative skills and strong attention to detail
•High level of proficiency with MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, , MS Outlook
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including proficiency in grammar and spelling
•Excellent organizational and time management skills, including proficiency in evaluating and prioritizing issues
•Excellent interpersonal skills, with ability to handle sensitive situations with confidentiality, poise, and tact
•Ability to work well with others
•Ability to take initiative within scope of job duties without prompting
•Ability to think critically and resourcefully
•Ability to work well under pressure and against deadlines
•Ability to assess, improve and/or streamline processes to increase efficiency within the department

Information about the Organization: East-West Ministries International exists to mobilize the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply disciples and healthy churches among unreached peoples and/ or in restricted access communities.

Application/Contact Information: If you are interested in applying for the HR Payroll and Benefits Administrator position then please complete the corresponding employment application at Please direct any questions to Amanda at

Children's Minister/Pastor -- Bowling Green, KY

Living Hope Baptist Church
1805 Westen Ave
Bowling Green, KY

Job Title: Children's Minister/Pastor

Job Description: Living Hope Baptist Church (Bowling Green, KY) is seeking a Children’s Minister/ Pastor to join our team and help us pass the baton of faith to the next generation. We’re praying for candidates who love children (K-grade 6) and their families, and have a specific call and gifting for ministry with them. Our Stepping Stones Children’s Ministry has built a strong foundation of gospel-centered, Bible-based, doctrinally-rich, family-centered, globally-engaged discipleship for 300+ children each week. As we pursue both a family ministry approach to discipleship (partnering with parents to help children come to know and follow Jesus) and Bible teaching in groups, the Children’s Minister / Pastor will be expected to lead, equip and communicate with both parents and volunteer leaders. Qualified candidates will have previous lead experience in a ministry with at least 100 children and families, and give unreserved affirmation to the Living Hope statement of faith and membership covenant. Bible college or seminary training is preferred but not required.

Information about the Church: At Living Hope, we are in the relentless pursuit of creating a multi-cultural, multi-generational, counter-cultural community of faith that is connecting with God and caring for people. We are disciples making disciples.

Application/Contact Information: Email Dan Edmonson at

December 2, 2014

Senior Pastor -- Cairo, Egypt

Heliopolis Community Church
10 Seti ST
Cairo, Egypt 11341

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job Description: We, at HCC, are in search of a man who has his own strong sense of calling to shepherd this congregation as we seek to serve the people of Cairo and Egypt, and who is as interactive and compassionate with people as he is gifted with the authority and grace to bring God’s Word, and to encourage and empower others to share in preaching. This position will be open in May of 2015, and we hope to have a pastor in place sometime in the summer of 2015.

Information about the Church: Heliopolis Community Church is a vibrant and active inter-denominational international English-language community of faith—we rejoice at how God has sustained us and grown our congregation over these past three decades. As a community, we value Biblical preaching and teaching, prayer and worship, and many of us are deeply invested in ministries in the church and in the broader society.

Application/Contact Information: If interested please begin by answering the questionnaire provided at this link.

November 12, 2014

Lead Pastor -- San Jose, CA

Mercy Hill Church
6455 Almaden Expwy, Suite 207
San Jose, CA 95120

Job Title: Lead Pastor

Job Description: For the past 25 years I have had the joy of planting and pastoring this church. But now it looks like God is calling my wife and me to plant a church in the Middle East.
What this means is that Mercy Hill Church needs a new lead pastor.

We have around 100 people, including kids. We are beautifully diverse when it comes to age, race, and socio-economic status. We meet Sundays at Allen-at-Steinbeck Middle School (820 Steinbeck Drive, San Jose CA 95123).

We are Christ-centered and Word-based. We are passionate about training every member to grow in making disciples who make disciples for the glory of Jesus Christ. We value earnest faith in Christ, deep love for each other, and heartfelt pursuit of evangelism.

Our church community is built around home groups, which are intergenerational communities of 6 to 15 people who gather weekly to bear each other’s burdens, study God’s Word, pray for each other, and encourage each other to share the Gospel and make disciples.

Our Sunday gatherings emphasize expository preaching, the biblical pursuit of spiritual gifts, loving and praying for each other, and passionate worship.

We are committed to missions, especially in the 10/40 window. We support a family that was sent out from our church, who are working with an unreached Muslim people group. And we regularly send short-term teams to North Morocco to help missionaries bring the gospel to the Rif Berber people.
We are part of Acts 29, which is a church-planting network. We have sent out two successful church planters, have helped plant a church in downtown San Jose, and long to plant more. (Click here to see the doctrinal distinctives of Acts 29 churches.)

It’s important that you understand the season our church is in. Over the last two years a lot of our people had to move out of the area. These people are deeply missed, and as a result, our church has been grieving. And the news that my wife and I might soon be leaving has added to this grief.

Also, we are experiencing a drought when it comes to conversions. Our people are pursuing loving connections with lost people, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen conversions. So our leaders are fasting and praying to see a fresh outpouring of salvations.

So this is an excellent opportunity for what might be called a church replant, where you would work with our existing leaders to develop a fresh vision for the church, and lead the church to a whole new level of effectiveness. The reason I say this is an excellent opportunity is because our people are motivated, loving, teachable, and a joy to pastor.

Your responsibilities would be to lead and shepherd this flock. That would include preaching and overseeing the worship gathering, training and raising up elders and home group leaders, leading a home group, overseeing volunteer and part-time staff which right now includes an administrative assistant, children’s ministry director, junior high leader, young adults leader, and worship leaders.

We are looking for someone who is passionately trusting Jesus Christ, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, committed to expository preaching, a heart-felt worshiper, a servant-leader, and who is thrilled about making disciples who make disciples for the glory of Jesus Christ

When it comes to finances, we know that San Jose is an expensive place to live, and are committed to providing a salary and benefits that will free you from financial concern so you are free to minister.

If you are interested, please fill out and submit the questionnaire found at, and email a resume, recommendation letters, and a sample sermon MP3 to

Thank you,
Steve Fuller, Lead Pastor
Mercy Hill Church