August 27, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Calvary Baptist Church
470 Elm Street
Windsor Locks, CT

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job Description:
The members of Calvary Baptist Church are looking for a biblically-qualified pastor who will shepherd us in a biblical manner (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-3; 2 Timothy 2:15-17; 2 Timothy 2:22-25). The mission of Calvary Baptist Church is to lead others in Windsor Locks, North Hartford County, and beyond to faith in Christ and growth in Christlikeness for the glory and enjoyment of God. We aim to be a church that constantly prays in dependence on the Lord in all things. We purpose to disciple each member of our church unto Christlikeness through Bible studies, Sunday school, small groups, and authentic fellowship in order to develop mature believers who will think rightly about Christ, His Word, and follow after Him. We desire to exercise our spiritual gifts according to how the Lord has equipped us for ministry that we may be a healthy, loving, and God-honoring body. By God’s grace, we strive to be servant-hearted by placing others before ourselves both inside and outside the church. We want our love for God to grow and desire our hearts to eagerly worship Him in spirit and truth individually, within our families, and corporately. We seek a pastor who will help us realize all of the above through his praying, preaching, teaching, admonition, exhortation, and example.

Doctrinal and Practical Distinctives:
The members of Calvary Baptist Church hold to the Doctrines of Grace (i.e. the five points of Calvinism) and a premillennial view of the End Times. Our doctrinal statement is based on the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith (1833). While we believe that there are some occasions when a pastor may need to preach thematically to address certain pertinent topics, we believe strongly in the primacy of Christ-centered, expository preaching. Therefore, we desire a pastor who will primarily preach verse-by-verse expositionally through books of the Bible.


  • Educational requirements: A minimum of Master of Divinity [M.Div.] is required. A Master of Theology [Th.M.] or Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] is highly preferred
  • Pastoral experience: Five+ years of full-time, vocational ministry.
  • Family requirements: Married (with children preferred).
  • Skill/Gifting requirements: Expository preaching (this should require a considerable amount of time and energy), teaching, administration, counseling, exhortation, and a desire to be with and know the sheep well.

Information about the Church:


We currently hold a 9:30 a.m. Sunday School hour split into two-three adult classes and age-based, children’s classes as well as two worship services (10:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.) each Lord’s Day. Also, we have a 7:00 p.m. Wednesday prayer service which is replaced once a month with small group meetings in the homes of various members at various times throughout that week.

Current number of members: 78 (all members are above age 20)

  • Sunday School attendance: Approximately 70-80
  • Morning service attendance: Approximately 105-115
  • Evening service attendance: Approximately 65-75
  • Wednesday service attendance: Approximately 55-65
  • Small groups attendance (during small groups’ week): Approximately 50-60 adults and 30-40 children
Additional information:

Application/Contact Information: Please send your personal doctrinal statement and philosophy of ministry statement (if possible) along with your résumé to the chairman of our search committee, Al

June 16, 2015

Children and Family Pastor -- Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Bible Church
5838 S. Sheridan Ave
Tulsa, OK

Job Title: Pastor of Children and Family Ministries

Reporting: Reports to and is under the supervision of the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the Board of Elders.

Outcomes: As a result of his ministry,
  1. Children will grow in their love for Jesus and feel loved at TBC.
  2. Families will be strengthened as we help parents to disciple their children.
  3. Leaders will be supported and grow as they joyfully serve our children.
  4. TBC will grow as our Mission and Vision advances in the next generation.
Principal Duties:
  1. Oversee TBC’s ministry to children (Birth - 6th grade), working closely with Children’s Elder, Sunday School Superintendent and other ministry leaders. Ministries include such things as Nursery, Sunday School, Children’s Church, AWANA, Good News Clubs, Puppets, and VBS.
  2. Promote a caring, safe, productive, and welcoming environment.
    • Develop trusting and caring relationships with children and parents.
    • Implement technology such as secure and user-friendly check in.
    • Oversee the attractiveness, safety and effective use of physical space.
    • Implement and regularly update TBC’s Child Protection Policy.
  3. Oversee volunteer staff.
    • Coordinate recruitment and training for Children’s Ministries.
    • Monitor staffing levels in real time.
    • Ensure that leaders are provided with equipment and resources
  4. Equip parents to disciple their children (ministry to families).
    • Provide regular instruction to equip in Christian parenting.
    • Counsel families with specific parenting issues.
    • Create regular events for spiritual growth and relationships.
  5. Give visionary leadership for outreach to children in our region.
  6. Fulfill TBC’s Core Values, Mission and Vision in our ministry to children.
  7. Collaborate with ministry leaders to oversee Children’s Ministry budgets.
  8. Function as a collegial member of the Pastoral Staff.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  1. Character consistent with the qualifications of an elder (1 Tim 3, Titus 1).
  2. Demonstrated ability to lead adults in serving children.
  3. 3-5 years experience serving on a church staff
  4. Masters degree preferred.
  5. Wholehearted agreement with the TBC Articles of Faith.

Information about the Church: Tulsa Bible Church is congregation 700 located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Historically, TBC has been known for its strong commitment to Bible teaching and missions. We are an elder led church with a current staff of five pastors. We have come to the point where we need a pastor to come alongside our existing children's ministry leaders to strengthen our ministry to families.

Application/Contact Information: 
Please contact Pastor Jim Johnston to request an application.
Phone: (918) 499-1513 email:

Senior Pastor -- Darlington, WI

First Baptist Church
15691 County Road K
Darlington, WI

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job DescriptionThe natural condition of the church is its rule and governing by a Team of Elders (Board of Administers) who share in its oversight. The Senior Pastor will be publicly identified as a teaching elder because he will be extensively involved in that area. Depending on giftedness, all elders will be involved at various levels in other areas such as administration, counseling, caring and teaching, but all will shepherd. Our pastor must live a good life by being a man of strong Godly character and integrity so that his words and deeds are believable (1 Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1: 6-9). 


  • He will have greater influence regarding spiritual matters on the congregation and the team of elders.
  • Should be well versed in the entire Word of God with sound biblical doctrine.
  • Should be able to discern and address all pertinent topics to the congregation’s spiritual needs.
  • Works with the Team of Elders in the development and implementation of the vision, strategies and goals of the church.
  • Supervises staff, conducting annual evaluations and reporting the results to the Team of Elders.
  • Reporting structure: The Senior Pastor is a member of and accountable to the Team of Elders and God. The Senior Pastor's performance will be evaluated by the Team of Elders on a yearly basis.
  • The Senior Pastor must be in full agreement with the church statement of faith, as stated in the Converge Worldwide/BGC Affirmation of Faith
  • Maintains a healthy balance between pastoral responsibilities and family life according to scriptures.
Preaching and Teaching
  • His preaching approach should be focused on the development and maturing of the congregation as well as in the clear presentation of the Gospel of God.
  • He should lead and model the application of biblical teachings for the proper development of the congregation.
  • The Senior Pastor must be a man who is a born-again servant, whose sermons and teachings show evidence of ample bible study, experience and preparation, are well organized, easy to follow.
  • Plans and conducts the worship services and leads in the observance of ordinances,
  • Conducts ministry assessments and recommends the necessary adjustments to comply with goals and objectives.
  • Must model a prayer life and continually encourage others to follow in such discipline.
  • Seeks God’s guidance for His church through earnest prayer.
Discipleship and Study
  • Ensures that all ministries serve a higher purpose of discipleship development as well as furthering of the Kingdom of God and increasing the followers.
  • Inspires, motivates and oversees ministry leaders to minister effectively.
  • Leads a Sunday school class.
  • Studies the Scriptures diligently and continually grows in Bible knowledge
  • Encourages, supports and oversees the small group program
  • Leads and/or participates in a small group bible study.
Evangelism and Outreach
  • He should be motivated by his understanding of the role and responsibilities that leaders have in carrying out the Great Commission.
  • Seeks and creates strategic opportunities for evangelistic outreach.
  • Promotes local and global missions.
  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with the Darlington Community of Churches and other organizations while maintaining the integrity of the scriptures.
Pastoral Care
  • Have a shepherding heart to visit, listen, comfort, counsel the congregation, with the goal of developing a stronger dependence on and obedience to the Word of God.
  • Conducts visitations, weddings, funerals, baby dedications and baptisms.
  • Encourage and facilitate effective fellowship within the congregation.
  • Able to draw support and participation in the ministries of the church using creative and innovative approaches.
Organizational Matters
  • Committed to the setting of goals and objectives, developing of action plans as well as the proper follow up of all ministry initiatives, to ensure congregation growth and the furthering of the Kingdom.
  • He must be able to oversee and participate in the church's ministries and community events on a continuous basis.
  • Maintains regular church office hours.
  • The senior pastor along with the Team of Elders will conduct oversight of all ministries.
  • Maintains a relationship with Converge Great Lakes, Converge Worldwide, and is familiar with the resources they provide.
  • Demonstrates organizational skills and fiscal responsibility.
Information about the Church: Hello from the people who worship at First Baptist Church - Darlington (FBC). FBC is affiliated with the Converge Great Lakes a district of the Converge Worldwide (formerly known as Baptist General Conference). Our worship service consists of traditional hymns and selected contemporary praise songs, provided by one of our four worship teams who share worship responsibilities on a regular rotation. On a given Sunday there are about 70-80 worshipers in attendance.

Darlington, the county seat, is located in Southwest Wisconsin and is agriculturally based. The city has a population of 2,600 and the downtown area is uniquely laid out. It rests on the banks of the Pecatonica River, has seven parks, a River-walk trail and a number of recreational opportunities from canoeing to ATVing. We are a close-knit community where the clergy meet regularly and ecumenical services are held a few times a year at one of the five churches (First Baptist, ELCA Lutheran, United Methodist, Catholic and United Church Christ) in town. Darlington also has a solid infrastructure that includes but is not limited to an excellent school system, childcare center, hospital, supermarket and a state of the art library with many programs for adults and children and a professional quality little league baseball field.

The goals of FBC are centered around the commission given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ as stated above, and could be summarized in a few words by saying that we who know Him want to make Him known to those who don’t. We have a real desire to be salt and light in the community that God has placed us in, and plan to engage the community in terms of reaching people for Christ. We also have a strong missions program and have supported church plants, short-term missions’ projects, and long-term missions that are focused on the Lord’s commission.

Our staff currently consists of our interim Senior Pastor Curt Thompson, church Administrative Assistant Lorrie Reed, and Building and Maintenance, Dave Reed. Volunteer staff members are Rod Maurer, Moderator, and Dr. Matt Solverson, Sunday School Superintendent, and Luis Lopez, Worship Coordinator. The church also has many other volunteers and informal leaders such as those of our many Small Group ministries, Bible Studies, Audio/Visual Team, Greeters, and Fellowship Time hosts.

The rural heritage of Southwestern Wisconsin has given FBC a decidedly family focus. The worshipers and attendees of our services see themselves as one large family, and that brings with it all of the family dynamics that one would expect from relationships that are formed within that mindset.

As would be expected at a time when we are beginning to search for a Senior Pastor, we have been receiving some guidance from the Conference and have done an assessment to determine where we have been, where we are now, and where we would like to go in our church ministry. This process has indicated that our congregation is ready, willing, and eager to continue on in the Lord's will. We have a desire to be directed, focused, and empowered to do the Lord’s work, and we desire that the leadership of the church provide the vision to accomplish those things. We are seeking and praying for a Senior Pastor who can partner with us in developing that vision.

Community Profile
Darlington is a rural community of approximately 2,600 people. It is the county seat for Lafayette County, Wisconsin, which has a population of 15,954 people. Darlington is located in Southwest Wisconsin about 55 miles southwest of Madison and 40 miles northeast of Dubuque, Iowa. Our community is a geographic region defined by population clusters within a broader area around Darlington. These small towns are Calamine, Fayette, Argyle, Wiota, and Gratiot. Other towns or smaller Cites within Lafayette County include Shullsburg, South Wayne, Belmont, and Benton. First Baptist Church currently has regular attendees from some of these towns as well as from some towns in northern Illinois.

The median age for the county is 42.5 years, with 90% of the people having a high school education and 17.4% having a bachelor's degree. The average household income is $64,184 with the median value of homes being $94,800*. The overall ethnic make-up of the county is White at 94.3%, 4.1% are Hispanic and this percentage has been growing over the last 10 years. Many Hispanics fill jobs in the dairy industry. Lafayette County is primarily an agricultural area, but there is some industry in the county and in Darlington.

The following pertinent data was derived from the 2015 Precept study.

Population make up:
  • Rural Working families 77.6% with an average annual income of $64,184.
  • Anglos represent 94.3% and Hispanics represent 4.1% of the population.
  • Average age is 40.6 and median age is 41.5; 0-24 32.2%, 25-54 35.7%, 55+ 32.2%
  • Single 24.7%, married 59.6%, divorced/widowed 15.75%
  • 90% have a high school or greater education
  • 53% white collar, 47% blue collar; with a 2.9% unemployment rate
  • 8.5% are below the poverty line which is 60% of what the national average is.
From this data it can be seen that this community is a well-educated, hardworking, family oriented society.

The next group of data about Lafayette County is an indication of where there can be areas of growth and outreach for spreading the Gospel of Jesus.
  • 27.6% are not involved with their faith, with 23% having decreased their faith in last 10 yrs.
  • 25% Catholic, 15% Lutheran, 13% Methodist, 12% Baptist; 15% have changed their affiliation in the last 10 yrs.
  • Primary concerns of the community that are greater than the national average are: health care, day to day finances, dealing with alcohol, abusive relationships, and divorce.
  • 89.9% believe in God, 95.5% believe traditional family structure should be preserved
  • When looking for a new church, areas of importance were: Bible study and Prayer groups, Marriage enrichment, family and personal counseling, and youth programs
  • Most preferred a combination of traditional and contemporary worship style
This data indicates that there are a number of unchurched people that need to hear the Gospel message. The data also indicates that there are a number of churched people who have shown an interest in prayer groups, Bible study and youth programs, to name a few.


http://www.darlingtonwi.orgChamber of Commerce

Application/Contact Information: 
Gary Swigart
Chairman - Pastoral Search Committee15691 County Road KDarlington, WI 53530fbcsearchcomm2015@gmail.com608-558-7128

June 8, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Janesville, WI

River Hills Community Church
2843 West Court Street
Janesville, WI

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job DescriptionWe are looking for a Senior Pastor who has demonstrated abilities in teaching/preaching, leadership and discipleship/training, and a heart for shepherding. He must have a personal passion to know Christ and imitate Him, strong interpersonal skills, and be a passionate learner with a teachable spirit. We are looking for a team player who can also be a visionary leader, providing direction to pastoral staff and lay leaders, and equipping members through teaching Scripture and counseling. For a more detailed job description, please go to

Information about the Church: River Hills is an elder-led, intentionally inter-generational, family integrated, EFCA-affiliated fellowship with a reformed baptistic perspective. Our Sunday service attendance is about 240, which includes many children. The atmosphere is casual and relational. Our worship is Christ-centered, with hymns and contemporary songs, the public reading of Scripture, and expository preaching from a biblical theological hermeneutic.

Application/Contact Information: To express your interest, please go to, and follow the instructions on that page.

Senior Pastor -- Madison, SD

West Center Baptist Church
322 West Center Street
Madison, SD

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job Description

Pastoral Priorities: Scripture paints the picture of pastoral ministry as a tenacious, undistracted focus on prayer and the Word (Acts 6:4). Out of this focus flow 6 key priorities:
  1. Equipping the congregation for ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12)
  2. Preaching the Word (2 Timothy 4:2)
  3. Training for spiritual maturity (Colossians 1:28-29)
  4. Training leaders (2 Timothy 2:2)
  5. Protecting the church from heresy (Acts 20:28)
  6. Participating in leadership (1 Timothy 5:17) 
Reports to: Leadership Council

Ministry Activities: We envision the Senior Pastor living out the 6 Biblical Priorities through the following Ministry Activities. 
  1. Equipping the congregation for ministry
    • Pray and promote prayer as a primary priority
    • Promote corporate worship and Discipleship Groups as the core ministries of the church
    • Lead a Discipleship Group 
    • Oversee the planning of corporate worship services 
    • Engage in regular study beyond sermon preparation in order to function as a curator of knowledge and information, able to recommend resources on the wide variety of ministry, theological, and Christian life issues faced by members of the congregation
  2. Preaching the Word
    • Pray
    • Devote adequate time to study and sermon preparation 
    • Serve as the primary preacher (75% of Sundays)
    • Train the Apprentice Pastor and others to preach the Word
    • Engage in ongoing learning and development as a preacher
  3. Training for spiritual maturity
    • Pray
    • Work with the Leadership Council, Discipleship Group Coaches, and staff to identify maturity gaps in the congregation.
    • Empower Discipleship Groups to create opportunities where congregational members can grow their faith, increase their ability to surrender to the Lord, love others sacrificially, and reproduce disciples 
  4. Training leaders
    • Pray
    • Meet regularly with Apprentice Pastor for mentoring and training
    • Continue process of training new Discipleship Group Leaders 
    • Coach Discipleship Group Leaders and recruit, equip, and oversee other coaches to do the same 
    • Develop process for training Discipleship Coaches
    • Create opportunities for ongoing training of Leadership Council and lay leaders
    • Work in coordination with Leadership Council to mold Ministry Team meetings into opportunities for leadership training
  5. Protecting the church from heresy
    • Pray
    • Oversee, with the Leadership Council, all teaching and discipleship curricula
    • Proactively scan cultural and religious trends for areas of concern 
    • Provide resources to combat heresy and damaging teaching as necessary
    • Confront, in coordination with Leadership Council, false teaching if necessary
  6. Participating in leadership
    • Pray
    • Invest time in studying, researching, and dreaming about the future of West Center 
    • Lead annual Leadership Retreat
    • Teams with Leadership Council for Church vision casting
    • Oversee day-to-day ministries of the staff 
    • Conduct weddings and funerals as able or delegate as needed
    • Participate in Leadership Council meetings, providing training, resources, and ideas as needed
    • Develop relationships with other pastors for fellowship and encouragement
    • Participate in the Great Plains Association, NABC Triennial and other denominational meetings as able
Information about the Church: After going through a congregational reFocus journey, West Center Baptist is seeking a Senior Pastor to preach the Word, train the congregation for spiritual maturity, and to help lead and strengthen our discipleship ministry. Pastoral priorities include equipping the congregation for ministry, preaching the Word, training for spiritual maturity, training leaders, protecting the church from heresy, and participating in leadership.

Church profile and additional information available at

Application/Contact Information: Please submit resume/ministry profile to

May 12, 2015

Children's Ministry Pastor -- Madison, WI

Door Creek Church
6602 Dominion Drive
Madison, WI

Job Title: Children's Ministry Pastor

Job Description: Leader of the Children's Ministry

Information about the Church: Door Creek Church is a growing, vibrant, and gospel-centered church in Madison, WI.

Application/Contact Information: Email RD a resume and video of you leading sung worship (if available).

Pastor of Worship Arts -- Madison, WI

Door Creek Church
6602 Dominion Drive
Madison, WI

Job Title: Pastor of Worship Arts

Job DescriptionLead visionary for the worship arts ministry Leader of sung worship at weekend services. Developer of other worship arts staff.

Information about the Church: Door Creek Church is a growing, vibrant, and gospel-centered church in Madison, WI.

Application/Contact Information: Email a resume and video of you leading sung worship (if available).

Youth/Worship Pastor -- Clare, MI

Brown Corners Church
5540 S. Clare Ave
Clare, MI 

Job TitleYouth/Worship Pastor

Job Description
General Description
The Youth and Worship Pastor is a full-time job and is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the spiritual growth and development of students (grades 5 through 12). This includes leadership of weekly programs and periodic special events (camps, conferences, trips, service projects, etc.). The Youth and Worship Pastor is also responsible for creative use of the arts in support of weekly worship services. This includes planning, design, and production of weekly adult worship services and overall support of all other ministry areas in the use of the arts.


  1. Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Meet biblical qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
  3. An outgoing creative individual with a passion for youth.
  4. Be in agreement with United Brethren Statement of faith (
  5. Minimum of Bachelor degree in Bible or ministry-related field (preferably youth ministry)
  6. Needs to be willing to seek licensing or ordination through the United Brethren Church.
  1. Lead a team of volunteers in the creation and operation of the student ministry, including weekly services and special events.
  2. Create and manage a student ministry calendar that is driven by the purpose and vision of the church.
  3. Direct the recruitment, training, and development of volunteers as needed to staff weekly programs and special events.
  4. Implement student registration, program management, and security policies/practices in support of weekly services and special events.
  5. Assist Senior Pastor in planning and design of weekly adult worship services.
  6. Graphic design, website management, podcast, vodcasts, social media and app management.
  7. Lead the creative use and upkeep of adult worship facilities.
  8. Assist in the development of an annual budget for Youth and Worship ministries and manage spending to budget.
  9. Approximately 70% of time devoted to Youth and 30% to Worship Arts.

Information about the Church: 
Brown Corners Church has been in existence since 1886 and is located several miles north of the city of Clare, Michigan. We are a church of approximately 400 with vibrant ministries that reach a wide spectrum of individuals. We have a modern 8,000 square foot youth facility and minister to 50-70 teens each week with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Application/Contact Information: Please send cover letter, resume and three references to

Teaching Elder -- Fremont, NE

Fremont Evangelical Free Church
2050 N. Lincoln Ave. 
Fremont, NE

Job TitleTeaching Elder

Job Description:  Preaching/Teaching Elder

The preaching/teaching elder will have the responsibility before God to provide overall leadership of the church primarily through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word as well as casting vision and direction for the church. He will work alongside the elders shepherding the church since all the elders will be accountable to God for their leadership of the church.


  • He must meet the qualifications for an elder-pastor as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:3-7.
  • He must be in full agreement with the Fremont E-Free Church Core Values & Constitution as well as agreement with the EFCA Statement of Faith (with openness to specific pre-millennium language used in section on Second Coming of Christ).
  • He must be of established Christian character, sound in faith and doctrine.
  • He should be qualified and have demonstrated ability to teach and preach God’s Word.
  • He should be equipped to clearly articulate and passionately cast vision and direction for the church. 
  • He should also have demonstrated ability in the following areas: Administration skills, interpersonal communication skills, delegation skills, and pastoral care skills (Biblical counseling, hospital and homebound visitation).
  • He should have significant training, preferred masters degree from an accredited seminary.
A. His three main areas of ministry will be the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, shepherding, and casting vision.
  1. Specifically, in his area of preaching and teaching he shall have responsibility in these areas of ministry:
    • He will share the responsibility to preach, preaching the majority of time (60%). (Approximately 25% of the preaching will be responsibility of the other paid elders with the remaining 15% of time to lay elders, guest speakers, many times missionaries.) When not preaching, he will be responsible to study for his next preaching opportunity.
    • He will share with all the elders the responsibility to teach and lead in various teaching capacities such as a Gospel Community Group leader, adult Sunday Bible study teacher or a discipling teacher.
  2. Specifically, in his area of shepherding
    • He will share primarily with the other elders the responsibility to give Biblical counseling on a limited basis for a limited time.
    • He will share with the other elders the responsibility to practice hospitality, provide pastoral care, particularly with his Gospel Community Group, but to include sharing on hospital and home-bound visitation.
    • He will share with the other elders the responsibility to serve in love and dedication to the congregation as described in I Corinthians 13.
    • He will share with all the elders the responsibility to pray on behalf of the congregation and seek God’s wisdom and direction for the church both corporately and individually.
    • He will share with the other elders the responsibility for spiritual welfare of the congregation.
  3. Specifically, in his area of vision casting
    • He will continue to direct the church with a vision of Gospel, Community and Mission.We want to be a church that is all about daily living in the power of the Gospel. We want to be a church that is about daily being in community by intentionally investing in one another’s lives. We want to be a church that is about daily being on mission where we live here in Fremont, our surrounding communities and to the ends of the earth.
    • He will share with the other elders in recruiting and training of leaders by means of God’s Word, specifically in the areas of elders, Gospel Community Group leaders and deacon/deaconess.
B. His secondary area of ministry will be administration.
  1. Specifically, he will share the responsibility with the paid elders to provide administration to the church office.
  2. Specifically, he will provide the overall organization, direction and thus agenda to the elders through regular elder meetings.
C. He shall be accountable for his time and ministry to the congregation through the elders.

Information about the Church: 
The Evangelical Free Church of Fremont, Nebraska is now looking to fill the full-time paid Senior/Teaching Elder position of our local body. A detailed job description is below. Our local body is currently led by three Elders, including the Family Elder. While the congregation formally votes on all significant matters, it is the Elders that formulate and bring vision to the body for approval. God has ministered to our church through a number of different ministries: Gospel Community Groups, Sunday Bible Study, Youth, Music, Awana, Children’s, and Men’s and Women’s Ministry. Our church supports approximately twenty missionaries and has a ministerial relationship with a church in Africa. Currently our average attendance is around 200 with people attending our morning service. The Lord has blessed us with a new sanctuary and remodeled facilities; and we are currently debt free.
The Fremont, Nebraska community has a population of approximately 25,000 and is approximately 30 minutes west of Omaha and 50 minutes north of Lincoln.

For more information about our local body visit our website at To learn more about The Evangelical Free Church of America visit their website at

Application/Contact Information: To apply please email your resume to: The contact person is Bart Qualsett. After reviewing each resume, a questionnaire and additional information will be sent to those we believe appear to fit the job description. Please pray whether God might be calling you to this position. We know that God is sovereign and look forward to the time in which the man he is preparing will join and minister along with us.

April 29, 2015

Associate Pastor of Worship and Adult Ministries -- Nampa, ID

Lakeview Bible Church
1010 W. Greenhurst Road
Nampa, ID

Job TitleAssociate Pastor of Worship and Adult Ministries

Job Description

  • Maintain a close, personal relationship with God/Engage as a prayer warrior for self and the congregation
  • Maintain proper priorities by putting Jesus Christ first, his wife second, his children third and the ministry fourth
  • Invest time into developing as a leader
  • Serve on the Elder Board in conjunction with staff to develop and implement a vibrant Worship and Adult Ministry
  • Establish a setting in which connection and spiritual growth take place while demonstrating a shepherd’s heart in genuine care for the spiritual life, growth, and discipleship of the worship team members
  • In cooperation with the Senior Pastor, provide oversight to the weekly worship service by way of leading weekly worship team and coordination of volunteers in areas of sound, tech, and worship ministry
  • Coordinate regular trainings for sound, tech, and worship volunteers
  • Assist the Senior Pastor with special services as needed, including funerals, weddings, and prayer and praise nights
  • In cooperation with the Senior Pastor provide oversight in the area of Adult Ministries
  • Assist in the implementation of the Church’s overall vision and goals, providing oversight to the Small Group Coordinator and the Sunday School Coordinator
  • Assist in pastoral duties as mutually agreed upon with the Senior Pastor; be flexible with the ability to lead where needed for effective team ministry
  • Oversight of ministry duties in Senior Pastor’s absence or other special times and events
  • May assist with, or if licensed, officiate weddings and premarital counseling
  • Visitation
  • Be involved in FEC Conference ministries, especially worship-related functions
  • Seek continuing education opportunities that will enable personal and church growth
  • Invest in and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to LBC
  • Accountable to Senior Pastor and Elder Board

Information about the Church: Church that is deeply committed to the Word of God and ministering to those around us. Growing church with an average attendance of 400.

Application/Contact Information: Send resumes to

April 24, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Auckland, New Zealand

Howick Baptist Church
17 Wellington Street
Auckland, New Zealnd

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job DescriptionWe are a multi-ethnic community of believers seeking a Pastor that can lead the church in teaching, discipleship and outreach.

Information about the Church: For a full profile, please visit

Application/Contact Information: Expressions of interest can be sent to

April 21, 2015

Associate Pastor -- Northglenn, CO

Calvary Community Baptist Church
11980 Irma Drive
Northglenn, CO

Job TitleAssociate Pastor

Job DescriptionWe are seeking someone with shepherding, teaching and administrative gifting who will lead and empower the existing lay leadership in our various ministries. He may not be directly responsible for coordination of each ministry, but rather in charge of ensuring those ministries are running well, are appropriately staffed, and are making disciples. Specific responsibilities inside of that may include the following in order of ministry priority: 1) Worship service coordinating 2) Student ministries 3) Community engagement 4) Children's ministries.

Information about the Church: Please visit our website.

Application/Contact Information: 
Please contact Pastor Brian Dare

April 17, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Shelby Township, MI

Mammoth Baptist Church
2690 Auburn Road
Shelby Township, MI

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job Description

The candidate will be an ordained minister of a Baptist denomination and someone who possesses consistent spiritual and moral character and lifestyle, fulfilling the biblical qualifications as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-13. Further, this man would serve as the spiritual leader and lay out a clear vision and purpose for the local church that is founded in the scripture.

The candidate will:

  • Shepherd the flock and provide pastoral care – I Peter 5: 2
  • Preach and teach the congregation – 1 Timothy 3:2 and 1 Peter 5:2
  • Oversee the ministries of the church – 1 Timothy 3:4-5
  • Lead and mentor the congregation – Ephesians 4:11-12
Beyond these requirements, the church seeks a man who is married and has served on staff at a church for at least 1 to 5 years.

Information about the Church: 
Mammoth Baptist Church is an independent Baptist Church located in Shelby Township, MI. We are seeking a Senior Pastor to lead the congregation following our current pastor’s retirement, after serving here since 2001.

We are a small body of believers that desire to grow and reach out to our surrounding community. We currently have approximately 70 active members, and attendance on SundayMornings of between 60 and 90. Currently, our main services includeSunday School, Sunday morning worship service, a smaller evening service on Sunday, and a mid-week prayer meeting on Wednesday. Additionally, we have a children’s ministry meeting on Wednesdays and a teen ministry meeting on Thursdays.

Application/Contact Information:
If you are interested in submitting your resume, please send a copy to our pulpit committee at:

Senior Pastor -- Rhinelander, WI

Pine Grove Community Church
5840 Forest Lane
Rhinelander, WI

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job Description
The Senior Pastor shall primarily be responsible for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and the building up of the body of Christ. He shall give himself to prayer, shepherding the flock, teaching the Word of God and administering the ordinances (Acts 6:5, Acts 20:28, Ephesians 4:11-12 and II Timothy 4: 1-2,5).

Responsibilities: (Items 1-5 in order of priority)
  1. Orchestrating Worship
    • Preach and teach the Word of God at worship services as the primary speaker, while utilizing and developing men within the congregation to teach and preach from the pulpit the remaining amount of time.
    • Plan and lead worship in conjunction with the Worship Team and church staff.
    • Work with ministry teams to realize God-centered worship services.
  2. Reaching In (body taking care of the body)
    • Provide spiritual direction to equip the congregation to serve.
    • Engage new members into the life of the church.
    • Train up leaders within the church.
    • Encourage ministry teams to welcome others to participate.
    • Develop people to serve in their strengths.
  3. Counseling
    • Provide biblical marriage and individual counseling.
    • Perform pastoral care/visitation ministries.
    • Provide referrals when necessary
  4. Reaching Out
    • Reach out to inactive members and new attendees.
    • Direct the missions initiatives of the church.
    • Minister to the community off campus.
  5. Administrating
    • Supervise and mentor the pastoral staff.
    • Participate as a full member of the Elder Board in overseeing the spiritual direction of the church body
    • Interact positively with board and staff.
    • Oversee assigned budget responsibilities.
  6. General Pastoral Duties
    • Respond to crisis situations within the congregation.
    • Officiate at special services
    • Perform duties in accordance with Article 3, Section 1 of the church by-laws.
    • Complete all duties as assigned by the Elder Board.
    • Administer the benevolence fund.
Working Conditions:
The position of Senior Pastor requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The pastor should be in the office a sufficient amount of time for accessibility to members of the congregation and for regular communication with members of the church staff.

Information about the Church: 
Pine Grove Community Church exists to glorify God by bringing people into a life-changing and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Average church attendance so far in 2015 is 207. Attendance was 215 in 2014, 213 in 2013 and 200 in 2012. The church age ranges from newborn through seniors. Many young families are a part of the fellowship.

Adult education consists of adultSunday school, small group fellowships, and weekly Bible studies. The church has a very active women’s ministry, whose focus is on the study and application of God’s Word. The men’s ministry regularly meets for breakfast, and celebrates an annual event during the Super Bowl. Many men attend the “No Regrets” conference presented by Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI.

The children’s Sunday morning ministry is based on the “Children Desiring God” curriculum. A very active AWANA program meets on Tuesday evenings. Junior and Senior High Youth groups meet on Wednesday evenings.

Pine Grove has close ties with two camping ministries, Fort Wilderness and Crescent Lake Bible Camp, which have been an integral part of our ministry since its inception. Pine Grove has served to minister to those involved in these two camps, and has received the benefits of being ministered to by the servants and speakers involved in them. The camps’ outreach has also kept a regular exposure to transformed lives, and the passion to follow Christ.
Pine Grove supports nine missionaries, divided between regional and international missions. The church has been active in support of short term missions to serve in areas of devastation and spiritual darkness.

Pine Grove values the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Our current focus is to transform lives and to follow Christ.

Pine Grove has a full-time Pastor of Family Life and Discipleship, as well as a full-time Pastor of Music and Youth. The support staff consists of one full-time ministry assistant and one part-time janitor.

Application/Contact Information:
For more information and to apply, please visit:

April 6, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Wausau, WI

Immanuel Baptist Church
5100 Hummingbird Road
Wausau, WI

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job DescriptionImmanuel Baptist Church (Wausau, WI) is currently accepting applications for the position of Senior Pastor. Immanuel Baptist Church exists to spread a passion to know Christ and make Him known as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We strive to value others more than self; the Word of God more than the opinions of men; and transformation more than information.

Information about the Church: Immanuel Baptist Church is situated in north-central Wisconsin at the base of Rib Mountain outside suburban Wausau. The church facilities encompass approximately 44,000 square feet.

Membership is approximately 300 and represents a cross section of ages. IBC has one Sunday morning worship service preceded by one hour of Sunday School with open enrollment for adults and age-related classes for children and youth. During the worship service, additional children’s ministries occur. The average attendance is: 170 during the Sunday School hour, 350 during the a.m. service and 30 during the p.m. service.

Ministry programs include Wednesday morning and evening adult Bible studies and prayer; Friday morning men’s prayer group; Awana and youth groups; Thursday morning Ladies’ L.I.F.E. Bible study and Thursday evening men and women’s Precept Ministries’ Bible studies. A number of D3 (Deepening in Discipleship and Devotion) care groups meet throughout the community on various days/evenings.

IBC is committed to the dissemination of the Gospel and directs 21% of its budget to missionary outreach

Application/Contact Information: For more information on Immanuel Baptist Church and the position of Senior Pastor, please visit our website at There you will find instructions on how to apply.

The deadline for submission is: Friday, May 8, 2015

March 16, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job DescriptionECC’s Senior Pastor’s purpose is to provide teaching, vision and pastoral leadership to enablethe church to fulfill its mission: to glorify God in word and deed, and to serve Him in the power of the Holy Spirit with the goal of bringing unbelievers to faith in Christ and bringing believers to maturity in Christ. The Senior Pastor is accountable to the congregation as led and governed by the ECC Board. He will be ex-officio, voting member of the Board.

Senior Pastor Qualifications

  • Personal conversion experience and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • A personal walk with Christ that is both vibrant and contagious
  • Spiritual maturity manifested in godly character (consistently displaying the fruit of the Spirit and leadership qualities described in I Tim. 3 and Titus 1)
  • A personal Statement of Faith that is consistent with ECC’s Statement of Faith (with ability to articulate and defend the same)
  • M.Div. (or higher) degree in Theology from a recognized evangelical seminary
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a senior pastor of a large church (500+ attendees)
  • A proven track record and passion for expository preaching that is both exegetically sound and relevant to the congregation’s needs
  • A teachable spirit and a servant’s heart
  • Excellent people skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent diplomatic skills
  • Ability to lead, motivate and mobilize adults in a transient environment
  • Sensitivity to cultural and denominational differences and the ability to communicate crossculturally
  • Prior, demonstrated multi-cultural and/or international experience preferable
  • Prior, demonstrated Arab and Islamic culture experience highly preferable
  • Sensitivity to world religions and knowledge of their world views
Information about the Church: The Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi is a Christ-centered, Bible-based,international family of believers. Our purpose is to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ, help them grow in their faith and equip them for ministry both here and around the world.

Application/Contact Information: Apply to:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume
  2. Five (5) References (non-family members names and contact numbers)
  3. Written Personal Faith Statement to include the following;
    • What does it mean to you to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?
    • Briefly describe the events leading up to your decision to become a follower of Jesus.
    • Briefly describe the events leading up to you accepting the call to shepherd God’s flock.
    • Describe your current walk with God.
  4. Please let us know how you learned about this position

March 12, 2015

Interim Teaching Pastor -- Gaithersburg, MD

Covenant Life Church
7501 Muncaster Mill Road
Gaithersburg, MD

Job TitleInterim Teaching Pastor

Job Description
The main responsibilities for this position are preaching 32-36 times per year at Sunday worship meetings and periodically interacting with the elders. In addition, responsibilities could involve the following depending on the ability of the candidate:

  • Leading weekly meeting of staff pastors to plan and evaluate Sunday preaching
  • Working with the Sunday Planning Team leader to assist in planning worship services
  • Meeting regularly with the Executive Pastor for collaboration and input
  • Participating as a non-voting member in Elders meetings (semi-monthly)
  • Participating in strategic planning meetings with a small team of elders (semi-monthly)
  • Meets the biblical character and gifting requirements summarized in the “Biblical Qualifications for Elders” section of the Covenant Life Church Elder Profile
  • Affirms the Covenant Life Statement of Faith
This position reports to the Chairman of the Board of Elders and the Executive Pastor.

Information about the Church: Covenant Life is a large, non-denominational, evangelical church located in a diverse community near the nation's capital. The church is seeking a full-time Interim Teaching Pastor to help provide stability and wisdom as the church seeks a full-time Lead Pastor. This will primarily be expressed through Sunday preaching and meeting with leaders to provide care, input and support.

Application/Contact Information: 
Contact Human Resources Director Amy Kriz with interest or for more information.
Phone: 301-869-2800

March 10, 2015

Lead Pastor -- Downingtown, PA

East Brandywine Baptist Church
999 Horseshoe Pike
Downingtown, PA

Job TitleLead Pastor

Job DescriptionWe are seeking a full-time Lead Pastor who will oversee the spiritual welfare of our congregation at East Brandywine Baptist Church through preaching, teaching, shepherding, and administration. This pastor, along with the other EBBC pastors and deacons, will be responsible for establishing spiritual objectives for our members.

Information about the Church: As an unaffiliated, evangelical Baptist church, our goal is "making and growing disciples" according to the Great Commission Jesus laid out in Matthew both through personal evangelism and global missions. We are seeking a man to lead the congregation following our pastor's recent retirement after his 13 years of service. Our church currently has an average Sunday morning worship attendance of 275 with age-targeted ministries that include AWANA for children nursery to elementary school, youth ministries for middle and high school students, small groups for the adults, and a senior citizens ministry.

Application/Contact Information:

March 9, 2015

Senior Pastor -- Aitkin, MN

Glory Baptist Church
28053 360th Avenue
Aitkin, MN

Job TitleSenior Pastor

Job DescriptionGlory Baptist Church is looking for a Senior Pastor who will seek to understand God’s vision for the church and effectively communicate this vision to the congregation. The Senior Pastor will ensure a biblically-based message of significance is delivered with excellence and passion, act as a leader, shepherd and chief executive officer of the church, with guidance from the Deacon Board and Church Council.

Information about the Church: Glory Baptist Church is a 75 year-old congregation within the denomination of Converge. We are a rural church located 10 miles south of Aitkin, MN (aprox. pop. 2,000). We are located in a recreational lakes area thus our Sunday attendance is around 120 during the Summer and 80 during the Winter. We are a congregational church led by the senior pastor and board of deacons. We are utilizing Converge's P3 program in our pastor search. If interested in applying for this position please contact us by email and we will explain how to enter the P3 program.

Application/Contact Information: 
Glory Search Team:

February 16, 2015

Director of Children's Ministry -- Glendora, CA

Foothill Church
242 W. Baseline Rd. 
Glendora, CA

Job TitleDirector of Children's Ministry

Job Description

The Director of Children’s Ministry is responsible for providing a dynamic, gospel-centered worship experience for children ages 0 to 5th grade during our weekend services, along with responsibilities in and out of the office during the weekdays.


  • Fulfill the duties required of Foothill Church Members as outlined in the Membership Covenant
  • Fulfill the requirements for a Deacon/Deaconess from 1 Timothy 3.8–13
  • Agree wholeheartedly with the Foothill Church Statement of Faith
  • An understanding of the developmental needs of children 0–5th grade and their families
  • Proven track record of training volunteers, building teams and creating/managing complex people systems
  • A passion for children’s ministry and engaging children with the gospel
  • Theological training (Bible/Theology)
  • 3–5 years experience in children’s ministry
  • Large church (1,500¬–2,000) experience

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Ability to problem-solve under pressure with grace
  • Trustworthy, discrete and diplomatic
  • Self-starter and disciplined to work in an unsupervised environment
  • Adaptable to changes in roles and responsibilities
  • Able to complete a number of diverse, unfinished project
  • Sense of humor, personable and friendly
  • Humble and teachable
  • Ability to lead a team of volunteers
  • Vision for growth
  • Able to network and build relationships outside of the church
  • Team player, and understands the value in constructive criticism

  • Understanding of, and agreement with, Foothill Church’s philosophy of ministry, theological principles and mission
  • Basic understanding of the role each department plays in fulfilling the mission of Foothill Church
  • Understanding of what a healthy “Children’s Ministry” is and what it looks like
  • Detailed understanding of Children’s Ministry and always eager to learn more
  • Ability to perform duties with minimal supervision
  • Ability to equip volunteers with resources and tools to succeed in their specifics areas
  • Ability to recognize a need and fill it with the appropriate tools/people/etc.
  • Ability to manage paid staff working under his/her direction
  • Ability to have lasting relationships with children and families in the church
  • Able to use a computer; accessing email, Planning Center Online, ACS
  • Literate with Microsoft Excel, Word, and Google Apps

  • Create volunteer systems to run a safe, dynamic, gospel-centered children’s program for all weekend services
  • Lead and train volunteer leaders to oversee portions of the children’s ministry
  • Create/Oversee creation of curriculum that follows main, adult weekend services
  • Track new and existing families through children’s ministry and create a follow up process for new families/children
  • Keep senior leadership apprised of any issues or needs in Foothill Kids (no surprises)
  • Manage and oversee paid staff
  • Promote and coordinate Summer and Winter Camps for 3rd – 5th graders
  • Help and support other staff members of Foothill Church with specific responsibilities that need assistance

  • “I can do that.” We will do whatever it takes to advance the mission of Foothill Church. Nothing is beneath us. Our loyalty is the mission of Foothill Church, not a job description.
  • “Make it better.” We are committed to a culture of improvement. We will never arrive. There’s always something we can do better and we will constantly look for those minor tweaks and major improvements.
  • “Family is my first ministry.” Ministry begins at home. Strong families are the bedrock of church leadership and a healthy church. We won’t sacrifice our families on the altar of ministry and we won’t use our families as an excuse for procrastination, laziness or failing to advance our mission.
  • “Make it happen.” We will take all the time necessary to make a good decision…and no more. We will err on the side of forward movement and when a decision is made we will make it happen. We value doing over dreaming.
  • “Work should be fun.” We take God seriously, but not ourselves. We laugh at work and often laugh at ourselves. We will create space and seize opportunities to have fun as a staff.
  • “Keep it simple.” We will fight the urge to create more complexity. We will say “No” unless we’re presented with a golden opportunity or notice a fatal flaw.
  • “Replace yourself.” We will work hard to train leaders and create systems that can function well in our absence. We believe our job is not simply to manage people and systems but to be leaders of leaders.
  • “Assume the best.” When there is a gap between someone’s behavior and our expectations we will give them the same benefit of the doubt that we give ourselves. There is no advantage when team members place suspicion in the gap. There are huge advantages to filling the gap with trust.
Hours: 40+ hours per week (must be available for miscellaneous special events, church meetings, etc. as needed)

Pay: Commensurate with experience
Vacation: Two weeks floating vacation plus one week at Christmas, paid holidays and 6 weekends off a year

Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Retirement, and Tuition Discount

Information about the Church: Foothill Church exists to glorify God by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, rooted in the gospel. This is our mission and it is carried out through various ministries requiring people with different gifts and abilities. As we continue to grow, we will need qualified people who want to work in a growing, vibrant, and fast-paced church that seeks to engage the culture with vibrant, gospel-centered ministries.

Application/Contact Information: Please complete an online application at and email your resume to
If you have any questions about this position please email