April 13, 2014

Pastor, Troy, AL

Covenant Grace Baptist Church
1617 US Hwy 231 South
Troy, AL 36081

Job Title: Pastor

Job DescriptionCovenant Grace Baptist Church is seeking a Pastor (preaching/teaching elder) whose life is aligned with the qualifications as outlined in scripture. His primary responsibilities will be to preach and teach the Word of God, shepherd the flock, and cast vision for our mission in serving God in worship, serving one another in ministry and serving the world in witness and compassion. He will work with the leadership to carry out the vision and mission of the church and intentionally train other believers to become leaders.

Information about the Church: Covenant Grace Baptist Church was planted 3 years ago and consist of a small congregation. Our foundation consist of the essential characteristics of a reformed church.

Application/Contact Information:

Bryant Yarbrough

Church Website: http://www.covenantgrace.info/

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March 27, 2014

Youth Pastor, Oroville, CA

Evangelical Free Church
3785 Olive Highway
Oroville, CA 95966

Job Title: Youth Pastor

Job Description: The Youth Pastor will function as a member of the pastoral staff. As such the pastor will be expected to meet the scriptural requirements for such a position as indicated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.


The Youth Pastor is called to assist families of the church in the spiritual nurture of their children (Junior and Senior High) in cooperation with the Children’s Ministries, and to project the gospel and church ministries into the youth culture of the community, seeking to present the gospel and extend the kingdom of God’s righteousness in harmony with a focus on Youth Ministry. We recommend this ministry be balanced along the lines of Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom (mental growth) and stature (physical wellbeing or health) and favor with God (spiritual conversion and growth) and men (social or moral/ethical wellbeing or health).” To this end the Youth Pastor will seek to develop a biblically based and defined Christian worldview in the understanding of the youth in harmony with the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), including worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship to the glory of God.

  • The Youth Pastor will function under the supervision of the Senior Pastor and will be accountable to the Board of Elders at their request. 
  • The Youth Pastor will submit quarterly reports at the Congregational Business Meetings at the elders’ request. 
  • The Youth Pastor will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Elders in case of need up to and including immediate dismissal from ministry involvement. 
  • The Youth Pastor will be expected to meet on a regular basis with other ministry heads and staff members at weekly staff meetings. 
  • In the event that the Senior Pastor, the Board Elders or the Youth Pastor reach the conclusion that the working relationship between the Youth Pastor and the Church needs to come to an end, a ninety day notice will be required, subject to negotiated agreement by all parties. 
  • If not ordained it is expected the Youth Pastor will seek ordination through the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).
  1. The Youth Pastor will be responsible for developing and implementing ministries for the Junior and Senior High youth to include:
    • Discipleship Hour on Sunday Mornings
    • Outreach and social events
    • Youth ministry retreats and mission trips 
  2. The Youth Pastor will recruit and train adult volunteers as staff for the Youth ministry, seeking for long term commitments for sustained ministry growth. 
  3. The Youth Pastor will recruit and train student leaders as essential parts of the Youth Ministry Team. 
  4. The Youth Pastor will cultivate a positive and interactive relationship with the families of the church, especially those with Junior and Senior high school youth. The Youth Pastor will seek to equip families with insights and tools for effective parenting and will refer resources to the families as well as working with others on the Pastoral Staff for the well-being of families. 
  5. The Youth Pastor will develop: 
    • An annual budget in conjunction with the Youth Staff and consultation with the Senior Pastor, to be submitted to the Elders at their request and for inclusion in the Church Annual Budget 
    • A yearly and monthly calendar of Youth Events 
    • A letter or other means for timely and consistent communication with the families of youth in the ministry and with the church leadership and congregation
  6. The Youth Pastor will observe and enforce all policies of the church, with special care for the prevention of child abuse and life-style issues relative to the EFCA Statement of Faith. 
  7. The Youth Pastor will be open to additional areas of ministry to be decided in consultation with the Senior Pastor.
  8. The Youth Pastor will actively support the Ministry of Oroville Christian School. 
  9. The Youth Pastor will develop ministry outreach and “presence” in the community at large and especially on the public school campuses.
Salary and Benefits
(to be decided by the Board of Elders)

Cover Letter:
To Whom It May Concern:

The Oroville Evangelical Free Church is currently searching for a Youth Pastor. This is a full time position. We are looking for someone with a college degree and preferably with seminary training as well as experience in youth work. We are committed to providing a living wage and benefits for a family. 
The Youth Pastor will be part of the pastoral staff, currently comprised of a senior pastor (of 14 years), a Director of Music (three years, full time), a Director of Children’s Ministries (eight years, half-time). We also sponsor a preschool – eighth grade Christian School on our campus which is fully integrated into the church ministries.

Our weekly worship attendance averages around 220. Our ministries include Awana, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministry, a strong commitment to local benevolence as well as a strong commitment to missions, numerous small groups, and a yearly short term mission by high school youth to Mexico (with Amor
Ministries, building homes and conducting a daily vacation Bible school (VBS ).

The Youth Pastor will be challenged on a number of levels. We desire a “presence” on the two high schools in our community as well as various extracurricular activities such as sports, band and other activities. We strongly encourage active ministry by the youth in the life of the congregation. Presently we have a Youth Sunday on every fifth Sunday of a month. Youth sing in our choirs and at times on the Worship Team. Youth also serve in Awana and in our Sunday morning Discipleship Classes.

As a congregation we are concerned for the integrity and spiritual health of our families. In our endeavor to reach the youth in the community who are without knowledge of the Lord or spiritual life, we are persuaded exposure to dedicated Christian families in the life of the church is a critically important asset. We currently have dedicated adult youth sponsors and anticipate such adults/parents/families coming under the care of the Youth Pastor and being trained for effective ministry as well as in the spiritual care of their own families.

As a church we are experiencing modest growing pains. We recently purchased and have now remodeled a home adjacent to the church as a “Youth House”. We also have built a dedicated music building. Our next project is to considerably expand the foyer for our worship center. We are interested in a Youth Pastor who
wants to be part of a congregation desiring to reach its community with the gospel of our redemption in Christ and manifestations of the kingdom of God’s righteousness. Effective ministry is built and deepens over time. We are looking for a long term commitment by someone willing to become part of this family of faith seeking to know and love the Lord.

If you are interested, please contact the Search Committee at Evangelical Free Church, attention Search Committee, 3785 Olive Hwy., Oroville, CA 95966 or (530) 533-6866 or office@evfreeoroville.com.

Church Website: http://www.evfreeoroville.com/

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Associate/Co-Pastor, Petersburg, AK

Petersburg Bible Church
916 Sandy Beach Road
Petersburg, AK 99833

Job Title: Associate Pastor

Job Description

Emphasis will lie primarily on:
• Sharing the pulpit with the Lead Pastor
• Meeting people for discipleship and ministry training. With a growing congregation with many eager to grow and minister to others, this pastor will focus attention on actively mentoring and training people in spiritual maturity and ministry to others
• Meeting individuals & couples for pastoral/Biblical counseling as well as engaging in regular visitation. With the isolation of island-life there are few options for receiving pastoral/Biblical counsel other than from a pastor or other Christian acquaintances. This provides a large opportunity for applying God’s Word to a whole range of struggles that people face. Proactive discipleship and counsel will take place through regular visitation of those in the congregation. 

Other responsibilities will include:
• Being an evangelistic witness in the community
• Facilitating church programs including small groups, conferences, committees, and assisting with day-to-day administration.
• Other ministry opportunities depending on need and the gifts, interests, and passions of the Associate Pastor.

Other Information: 

The Church
In the mid-1900’s missionaries with Gospel Missionary Union started planting a series of churches throughout Southeast Alaska including one in Petersburg in 1967. Once each church was well established, Gospel Missionary Union launched them as independent churches which took place for the Petersburg Bible Church in 1980. The congregation has steadily grown to now to about 200 regular attenders. While the congregation is comprised by believers from many different backgrounds, there is unity and passion for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With the growing, active congregation, along with increasing opportunities for discipleship, we've begun a search for a full-time associate pastor.

Application/Contact Information
Send a resume, doctrinal statement & completed application to Demetrius (Demer) Webb: demerwebb@gmail.com

Church Website: www.petersburgbiblechurch.org

In addition to our church's website, feel free to visit the pastor's blog at http://explorethestory.wordpress.com/ to learn more about Pastor Demer and the church.

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March 22, 2014

Family Pastor, Doylestown, PA

First Baptist Church Doylestown
311 W State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

Job Title: Family Pastor

Job Description
The Family Pastor will provide pastoral leadership, strategic planning, and development of an integrated and gospel-centered family ministry. This pastoral leader will oversee ministry to children (birth-6th grade), youth (7th-12th grade) and their families. Part of the oversight will be to develop lay leaders in those ministries and insure that ministries are aligned with the church's vision. The Family Pastor will be under the leadership of the Executive Pastor and will serve as a voting member of the elder board. 

The ideal candidate for this position will possess a passion to shepherd and lead families to life and growth in Jesus Christ.

Essential Job Functions:
  1. Children's ministry (Birth – 6th Grade)
    • Provide oversight, training and equipping of children’s volunteers.
    • Plan events and activities for children.
    • Shepherd our children’s ministry so that it fulfills the vision of FBC.
  2. Youth Ministry (7th – 12th Grade)
    • Provide oversight, training and equipping of youth volunteers.
    • Teach weekly at the Sunday night youth group.
    • Plan events and activities for youth.
    • Shepherd our youth ministry so that it fulfills the vision of FBC.
  3. Families
    • Help provide pastoral care for children, youth and families.
    • Partner with and assist parents as they seek to nurture their children in Christ.
    • Shepherd our families so that they fulfill the vision of FBC.
  4. Pastoral
    • Preach a few times a year during the Sunday morning service.
    • Provide leadership on how FBC can reach families in our community.
    • Perform baptism services, counseling, weddings, funerals, etc. as needed. 
  1. Able to fulfill the requirements of an elder as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus.
  2. Alignment with First Baptist Church of Doylestown’s statement of faith (www.fbcdoylestown.org).
  3. Completed a Master of Divinity.
  4. Has 2-3 years church ministry experience in working with children or youth. 
Information about the Church:First Baptist is a gospel-centered that is committed to being a church that leads people to life and growth in Jesus Christ. We are located in a wonderful community north of Philadelphia: approximately 100,000 people reside within 5 miles of our campus; an elementary, junior high and high school border our campus; YMCA, college, hospital, county courthouse and restaurants are all within walking distance of our campus.

Application/Contact Information: Please send resumes to brad@fbcdoylestown.org

Website: http://fbcdoylestown.org/

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March 19, 2014

Associate Pastor, Houston, TX

Kaleo Church
4455 N. Braeswood Blvd.
Houston, TX 77096

Job Title: Associate Pastor

Job DescriptionHere are the main areas you would be responsible for at Kaleo (not necessarily in order of priority):

Kaleo is a relatively young church, so we’re looking for someone who can help us faithfully shepherd our people through the major life transitions they will face in the years to come. We’re looking for a pastor who will help singles understand how to live faithfully during that season of their lives, equip newly married couples build a solid, Christ-centered foundation for their family in the years to come, and empower parents to serve as the primary disciple-makers for their children.

We’re looking for someone who can walk out of our pastoral meetings and put the church in motion towards the direction the team has set, taking the vision from 30,000 feet and bringing it down to a concrete executable plan at the ground level. We’re looking for a pastor who can work with teams of leaders and volunteers to make things happen, with the ability to think strategically and systematically about organizational development in a way that is still pastorally-minded and theologically-driven.

Community groups are an integral part of our ministry at Kaleo, serving as the front line for discipleship, evangelism, and care. We’re looking for someone to help our groups move to the next level of fruitfulness. We need someone who can build an effective leadership development pipeline and help us strategically and regularly multiply new groups. We’re looking for a pastor who can train and coach existing leaders so that they are confident and equipped to be the primary disciple-maker for their group.

While these are the main areas you’ll be overseeing, these are not the only things you’ll do. As a small, growing church no one on our team serves only as a specialist. Over the course of a few weeks, you’ll also likely find yourself doing things like:

  • Meeting with a member of the church to talk through challenges they are facing and offer prayer and counsel.
  • Discipling a new believer over lunch.
  • Helping lead elements of the Sunday service.
  • Hosting a lunch with people who have visited the church over the past few weeks.
  • Writing blog posts that help people grow in their faith and understanding of what God is doing in our church.
  • Teaching a session of our membership class.
  • Visiting a member of the church who is in the hospital.
  • Preaching several times a year.

  • Fulfill the duties required of Kaleo Covenant Partners as outlined in the Partnership Covenant.
  • Fulfill the character qualifications of an elder as taught in the Scriptures (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 5).
  • Affirm the 1689 London Baptist Confession.
  • Humility, desire to continually improve, and passion to help churches grow and thrive.
  • Commitment to serving Kaleo in role for at least three years to ensure a solid foundation and consistency.
  • Able to lead volunteer teams, recruit, develop and inspire people, set clear expectations and accountability.
  • “Kingly” in the tri-perspectival leadership model (prophet-priest-king): strong administrative and organizational skills and gifts, builder of strategies and systems, focused on details and execution.
  • Results-focused leadership with persuasive interpersonal skills adaptable to a variety of personalities and situations
Information about the Church: Kaleo’s greatest hope is to be a movement of the gospel that changes everything within us and moves powerfully all around us. To see this happen, we devote ourselves to continually pursuing intimacy with God, community with believers, and influence with others. We are Reformed Baptist theologically, and have been an active part of the Acts 29 Network for the past ten years. We have a team of three elders currently, two of which serve as non-vocational elders. In addition to a full-time Lead Pastor, we have a team of four part-time staff members. We are a portable church, worshiping weekly at a local YMCA. However, we have a great office space that provides a home base for our church’s ministry. The folks at Kaleo tend to be professionals, many of which have or are pursuing graduate degrees. We are a fairly young community of singles, young families, and a handful of empty-nesters and grandparents. We’re praying that God wound continue to expand the diversity of age, race, and life-stage that make up our church.

Kaleo began with a handful of people in 2004, and we are looking for another full-time pastor who can join our team and help us move into our next decade of ministry as a church.

Application/Contact Information: To apply, please fill out the online application

Website: http://kaleohouston.com/

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March 16, 2014

Intern (Female), Tonasket, WA

The Father's Ranch Ministries
1621A State Route 20
Tonasket, WA 98855

Job Title: Intern (Female)

Job Description


Interns are women who help to provide care and guidance to troubled young adults and teens (called students) in The Father’s Ranch Ministries’ residential community setting. Interns often receive practical and academic training while ministering to the hurting. They serve, not by their own strength or character, but by the power of Jesus Christ working through them. Role modeling and sharing God's love and power through the work of the Holy Spirit are vital aspects in the healing process of the students at The Father’s Ranch.

Interns live in community with their students, building relationships while participating in daily activities such as class, worship, work and recreation. Internship is a 24-hour, residential position that allows for minimal time off (one evening per week and every other weekend.) Interns make a voluntary commitment to serve for 3, 6, or 12 month periods. It is a time of testing and purifying, a time where God's faithfulness and comfort are experienced in a real and life-changing way. It is a time of growth and maturing. It is a time when God shows His overwhelming strength in weakness.


1. Role Modeling
"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well..." 1 Thessalonians 2:8.

Role modeling is a primary facet of the Intern's ministry. Students learn how to appropriate God's word into their lives through the living demonstration of the Interns. Students need to see the Intern not only in a spiritual setting, but also in the workplace, at play, and interacting with people in various situations.

Being an Intern does not mean being a Christian who never has problems. It means having struggles but desiring to grow and conform to the image of Christ. Through their commitment to the students, Interns can demonstrate that leading also involves serving.

2. Accountability
"And we urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with all men." 1 Thessalonians 5:14

The Father’s Ranch is a highly structured program which demands a disciplined lifestyle from its students. Because Interns serve the students in a shepherding role, they must keep their flock accountable.

However, Internship is more than supervising the students and enforcing the rules; it is admonishing, reproving and training students in righteousness. To some extent, Interns do play the role of disciplinarian, but discipline should be viewed as a positive attempt to correct and teach rather than punish. Biblical instruction accompanies the discipline to help develop Christ-like character.

3. Discipling (optional)
While all Interns play a role in the discipleship of the students, some Interns are needed to disciple individual students with the purpose of helping them work through the issues (such as substance abuse, depression or eating disorders) that brought them to The Father’s Ranch for help.

Discipling Interns are responsible for meeting with students individually on a regular basis to help resolve problems through the practical application of Biblical principles. Students are often immature emotionally and behaviorally, as well as spiritually; another purpose for discipling is to stimulate growth and affect change in these areas as well.

Discipling Interns do not "go it alone." They have the daily support and guidance of a Full Time Staff member who advises Interns and helps them implement a plan to better help their students achieve growth and victory over struggles. The Father's Ranch Full Time Staff intervene in critical situations.


"Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God." "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." (2 Cor. 3:5; Phil. 4:13)

Interns are not necessarily dynamic and gregarious individuals, and they are not necessarily Bible scholars or trained counselors. Interns do receive some intensive training at the start of their service commitment, and they continue to receive in-service training. However, the following characteristics are required in order to serve in an Intern capacity:

• A strong commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as demonstrated through a victorious Christian walk.
• A solid foundation in Biblical truth and personal application of God's Word in your daily life.
• Regular attendance and fellowship in a New Testament church. 
• A burden for ministering to troubled young adults and a willingness to serve them and the Lord in a self-less, full-time capacity.
• The ability to initiate and build relationships, and the ability to confront, encourage and admonish students in Christ-like love.

Interns live with our women and teenage girls in our residential counseling program, so we are only seeking female candidates.

Information About the Organization:
The Father’s Ranch Ministries is a non-denominational, Christ-centered counseling ministry. Incorporated in 1999, we provide a 6 to 18-month residential counseling program for women and teenage girls, with a transitional, open-ended “Next Steps” program following. We serve women and girls from all over the United States who are struggling with destructive, life-controlling issues such as drug-addictions, alcoholism, sexual/pornography addictions, depression, fear/anxiety, abuse issues, suicidal ideations, rebellion, and eating disorders. We have seen these women and girls regain physical, emotional, and spiritual health over what was once a seemingly hopeless situation, and retain that health in their personal lives. 

We also offer three additional programs, two of which are new in 2013. First, through the Biblical Counseling Center of Okanogan we seek to come alongside individuals and families who are in need of assistance through the process of Biblical counseling, and we provide Biblically sound, practical and encouraging sermons, seminars and conferences that will help to equip the local church. Second, College Transformation is an opportunity for young ladies to avoid the potential danger of destructive behaviors that can be bred in college dorm life. At TFR, they flourish in a distinctly Christian environment with a healthy degree of support, accountability, and encouragement. These young ladies choose from four College Transformation options: pursuing a college degree through online classes, participating in a technical program at our local community college, completing their GED exams, or working in the local community. Third, our Marriage Reformation ministry helps repair and strengthen marriages through the Word of God. Couples stay at our secluded 3-acre annex property for a weekend or a week, without interruptions, and have multiple daily counseling sessions with a certified Biblical counselor. Since the majority of women and girls in our residential counseling program come from broken homes, one of our goals in strengthening marriages is to prevent the development of life-controlling issues in children.

More information about The Father's Ranch and our programs is available at http://www.thefathersranch.com/

Application/Contact Information

How to apply:
Please submit a detailed letter of interest along with a current resume to the following address: 
The Father's Ranch Ministries
Intern Search
P.O. Box 1352
Tonasket, WA 98855

OR via email: application@thefathersranch.com

Applications will be sent out to qualified applicants. Inquiries and applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Thank you for your interest!

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March 14, 2014

Children's Ministry Director, Palm Bay, FL

Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA)
720 Emerson Drive NE
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Job Title: Children's Ministry Director

Job Description: The Children's Ministry Director is responsible for the overall operation of the children's ministry (Nursery through 5th grade) and to serve the children and their parents who are part of our Palm Bay and Indialantic campuses

Information About the Church: Our growing church of over 700 members is committed to developing followers of Christ who worship God passionately, connect with God's people, and impact God's kingdom.

Application/Contact Information: To find out how to apply, click here: http://www.covenantpalmbay.org/apply

For any questions, please send them to: apply@covenantpalmbay.org


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March 13, 2014

Minister of Worship and Music, Chisholm, MN

Chisholm Baptist Church
901 SW Sixth Street N.E.
Chisholm, MN 55719

Job Title: Minister of Worship and Music

Job Description


  • An individual who is a committed believer in and follower of Jesus Christ, who is in agreement with Chisholm Baptist’s Statement of Faith, Church Covenant, Philosophy of Ministry, and Philosophy of Worship.
  • An individual who consistently exhibits godly character and the “fruit of the Spirit” in his/her life. 
  • Qualities such as patience, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control and flexibility are especially important in this position. 
  • A loving attitude toward other staff, other musicians and members of the congregation is essential. 
  • A desire to worship, and enable others to worship, flowing from a deep love of Jesus Christ.
  • A desire to plan worship services which are Christ-centered, truth driven and gospel focused.
  • A desire to encourage musicians involved in leading worship to focus on reflecting glory to God. This involves encouraging musical excellence, without focusing on “performance.” It is not about us, but about “Him.”
  • An ability to plan worship services which are appropriate for the congregation and which utilize and blend both traditional and contemporary forms of worship. (Experience preferred)
  • An ability to guide and direct a worship team as it prepares to lead worship services. This involves working with both music and musicians in a way that will enhance the worship experience of the congregation. (Experience preferred)
  • An ability to lead a church choir. This includes music selection, practice, and directing the choir during the worship services. Our current choir includes about 40 voices. (Experience preferred)
  • An ability to direct a musical/drama. In recent years, our church has presented a full-scale musical/drama during the Easter season. This has been a very significant outreach ministry and one we would like to continue. (Experience preferred)
*This will be a part-time position which will require serving approximately 20 hours a week. Compensation is negotiable.

Information About the Church:
Chisholm Baptist Church is located in norther Minnesota (3 hours north of the Twin Cities, in the heart of the Minnesota Iron Range. We are a multi-generational church that averages about 350 at our two worship services each morning. 

Application/Contact Information
Pastor Dan Erickson


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March 8, 2014

Worship Pastor, Vienna, OH

Cross Point Bible Fellowship
504 Youngstown Kingsville Rd. 

Vienna, OH 44473

Job Title: Worship Pastor

Job Description
The position of Worship Pastor includes both public & private discipleship. This position is for a person who desires to lead the congregation in public worship, and in private worship through one on one discipleship an in mission groups.

  • Must meet the qualifications for an elder (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1)
    • Able to teach the Word of God
    • Manages his household with all dignity 
    • Must not be a recent convert
  • Able to plan Christ-centered worship services with Lead Pastor
  • Leading and/or planning all corporate worship services with the Lead Pastor
  • to be actively engaged in the lives of those who serve in his ministry, either discipling them personally or encouraging them to be discipled by others.
  • to either lead a mission group or to be part of a mission group
Information About the Church:
 Exciting Opportunity to be apart of a gospel driven, Christ exalting church that is eager to grow in faithfulness to our God. Our church has a clear vision & devoted people, and we are looking for a person to come along side us to be  apart of what God is doing here, and to help us to be more fervent in worship.  We believe the churches primary purpose is Worship.

Compensation: The compensation is volunteer initially, but will lead to part time, and eventually full time. Depending on the person & the skill set we may be able to offer part time initially.

Application/Contact Information
If interested or for more questions please contact:
Jason Cashell


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Pastor, St. John's, Newfoundland

Calvary Baptist Church
415 Kenmount Road
St. John's, Newfoundland A1B 3P9

Job Title: Pastor

Job Description
Pastor responsible for preaching, teaching, visitation, and discipleship. For a more complete job description, see http://calvary-baptist.net/#/pastor-search

Information about the Church: Our church is a small and dynamic Baptist church in the Reformed tradition, with high view of Scripture, the Doctrines of Grace, and God's sovereignty. We are a young church with many children, and have a strong children's ministry using the Children's Desiring God Curriculum for some 10 years now. Our church is 20 years young!

Application/Contact Information: For detailed information including our vision, core values, job description, as well as information to provide a "picture" of our church and city, please visit http://calvary-baptist.net/#/pastor-search

Church Website: http://www.calvary-baptist.net/

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Senior Pastor, Thunder Bay Ontario

Fort William Baptist Church
1800 Moodie Street East
Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7K 1G4

Job Title: Senior Pastor

Job Description
Fort William Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who has been gripped by the Gospel, is in love with Christ, and is submissive to God's infallible and inerrant Word. We desire someone whose joy and satisfaction lies in seeing God's glory proclaimed through teaching and preaching as well as demonstrating God's calling as a shepherd through leading and caring for the church family. 

Primary Responsibilities 
The Senior Pastor must be a man who prayerfully and graciously seeks to:
  • Preach and Lead at Services
    • prepare and present weekly Sunday morning sermons (two services: 9:00 and 10:45am).
    • provide oversight of the Sunday morning services working together with the Worship Coordinator.
  • Teach and Mentor
    • encourage and further develop our Grace Groups ministry
    • be involved in small group ministry
    • encourage internships and meet with those involved in internships or preparing for vocational ministry
    • mentor lay persons who exhibit potential leadership gifts/ambitions
  • Oversee and Mentor Staff
    • partner with, mentor and oversee additional pastoral staff on an ongoing basis (at this point, one individual who is the Pastor of Student Ministries)
    • oversee Worship Coordinator and encourage a theologically consistent, Scripture-saturated, Christ-focused worship ministry (the Worship Coordinator is currently serving in a part time position)
    • oversee secretarial/administrative staff particularly in communication with congregation (bulletins, emails, webpage, etc.)
  • Lead Ministries
    • Elders
      • work with the elders to shape the short and long term visions of the church.
      • oversee with the elders the teaching ministry and doctrinal content of church's ministries (e.g. Parent and Children's, Missions, Grace Group, Men's and Women's)
    • Deacons
      • meet with deacons and be a resource to them
    • Other
      • meet with leadership ministry team to develop and harmonize church mission
      • meet regularly with ministry team leaders
      • meet with Facilities Development Team and coordinator
      • provide spiritual direction/devotion/counsel to congregational meetings
      • encourage and engage congregation in prayer (with Prayer Coordinator)
  • Care for Church Family
    • be available for pastoral counseling and visitation along with other staff and volunteers
    • oversee marriage preparation/counseling
    • provide care for those in crisis, minister to grieving families and be available for funeral ministry
    • visit shut-ins and those in hospital
    • represent church to wider association of churches serving as part of executive and supporting local association of Baptist ministers and Baptist services
  • possess saving faith in Jesus Christ as witnessed through public confession and believer's baptism by immersion
  • has a deep and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • has a love for the Body of Christ, His Church, and a heart for the local congregation
  • possess obvious skills in working with groups and individuals to develop and sustain ministries within and beyond our congregation
  • sincerely understands how to foster a team approach
  • must show an ability understand, articulate, and embrace the Fort William Baptist Church Vision Statement and vision
  • must agree with the Elder's Statement of Faith at Fort William Baptist Church, believe in the sovereignty of God over all things and embrace the Doctrines of Grace
  • must have a prove record of faithful, unifying, and gracious commitment to the Body of Christ in local church  ministry
  • be assured of his call to the ministry and to the Senior Pastorate
  • meet the biblical qualifications of an elder
  • believe in the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God sufficient for all belief and practice
  • agree to Baptist Distinctives (see Elders' Statement of Faith)
  • have formal theological and pastoral training
    • Master of Divinity strongly preferred
  • significant experience in pastoral ministry desired
  • the capacity to be licensed and ordained
  • agree with The Lifestyle and Morality Standards and Policy of For William Baptist Church
Information about the Church: Fort William Baptist Church is a medium-sized, intergenerational evangelical church family in the city of Thunder Bay. By God’s grace we have enjoyed a sustained period of gospel-centered ministry over the past quarter century. While linked within the network of churches associated with The Gospel Coalition our philosophy of ministry has been significantly shaped through the influence of Desiring God Ministries. God has given us a heart to share the joy of knowing His glory. 
Our Church Vision Statement declares that our God-given ambition is to spread a passion to prize God supremely, to praise God wholeheartedly, and to proclaim God universally. As we transition to a new Senior Pastor, we prayerfully desire to build bridges to the next generation, to our community and to the nations. With God’s help we want to share in new and exciting ministries that further our passion for God’s glory.

(For more information see ‘Pastoral Candidates Information’ on our website. These resources include our Church Profile and Recent Historical Timeline.)

Application/Contact Information: Please email your resume (including references) and cover letter to the attention of Pastoral Search Committee 

Or you may also mail your resume to:
Pastoral Search Committee 
Fort William Baptist Church
1800 Moodie Street East
Thundery Bay, ON P7E 4Z2

If further information is required, please contact:
Bill Petteplace

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March 5, 2014

Graphic Designer, Minneapolis, MN

Bethlehem Baptist Church
720 13th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Job Title: Graphic Designer (Contract Role)

Job Description
We are seeking a graphic designer to assist our Communications Department at the Downtown Campus. Applicant must have strong communication, conceptual, and typographic skills and be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. Approximately 25 hrs/wk, up to six months (potential extension). For details, see http://www.hopeingod.org/document/freelance-graphic-designer-role-description

Information about the Church/Organization: We exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.

February 7, 2014

Pastor of Worship Ministries, Wichita, KS

First Evangelical Free Church
1825 N. Woodlawn
Wichita, KS 67208

Job Title: Pastor of Worship Ministries

Job Description

  • Must meet the character qualifications for an elder (1 Tim. 3; Tit. 1).
  • Must be in full agreement with FEFC's Ministry Map Documents
    • Our Mission
    • Our Message, including the EFCA's Statement of Faith
    • Our Membership Covenant
    • Our Ministry Philosophy, including the “Worship by the Word” document.
    • Our Methods of Making Disciples. 
  • Must be willing to pursue credentials with the EFCA.
  • Must meet the competence qualifications for an elder (1 Tim. 3; Tit. 1)
    • Able to teach the Word of God.
    • Manages his household with all dignity. 
    • Must not be a recent convert.
  • Able to plan gospel-centered corporate worship services. (see Worship by the Word doc.)
    • Able to lead congregational singing.
    • Able to lead the congregation in public prayer.
  • Must have musical training sufficient to...
    • Recruit, lead, and mobilize trained and lay musicians, both vocal and instrumental.
    • Work with and/or lead choirs.
    • Work with and/or lead orchestras.
    • Work with a variety of instruments, including an organ.
    • Work with audio/video techs.
  • Must complement and work well with staff team
  • Must connect with congregation relationally


Corporate Worship:

  • Responsible for leading and/or planning all corporate worship services with the Lead Pastor.
  • Responsible for leading, recruiting, training, and mobilizing musicians, vocalists, and worship leaders.
  • Responsible for cultivating and mobilizing the musical gifts of the membership at First Free.
  • We expect our entire ministry staff to model faithfulness to our mission.
    • Therefore, we expect our pastor of worship ministries to be involved in the lives of those who serve in his ministry, either discipling them personally or encouraging them to be discipled by others.
    • Therefore, we expect the pastor of worship ministries to lead or be involved in a small group.
General Pastoral:
  • Fulfill general pastoral duties as needed: i.e. teaching or preaching, visitation, weddings, funerals, etc.
  • Participate in required staff meetings and church wide meetings.
Special Events:
  • Responsible for any special events or services: i.e. prayer meetings, evening services, hymn sings, etc.
  • Responsible for any seasonal services: i.e. Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas Program, Concerts, etc.
Information about the Church/Organization: 
First Evangelical Free Church of Wichita, Kansas, was started as a joint effort of the National Home Missions Department and the Midwest District (NE, KS) of the Evangelical Free Church of America in 1950. Numerous members of our current church family came to First EFC in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

In 1965 capacity was reached in the first church building. At that time, a decision was made to relocate to our current site at 1825 N. Woodlawn in Northeast Wichita. Construction of the new facility was completed on September 24, 1967. There have been several additions to the original construction: 1976 - gym and classrooms, 1981 - additional classrooms, 1986 - courtyard enclosure, 1994 - office and classrooms, and 1998 - new worship center.

At First Free we are about one thing - making disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God as the grace of the gospel grows deep in God's people and goes wide to all peoples. That's what Jesus called his disciples to in Matthew 28 and we believe all of us have been called to join that mission. This happens in a number of ways, but there are a few ways we think it happens best: worship services, groups, and sharing the gospel.

We have two identical services at 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. You will find a mix of worship styles, reflective of the unity of the church body. There could be hymns, modern songs, simple accompaniment, full band, organ, congregational singing or choir on any given Sunday, usually a mix of all. Every week is a little different. There will probably be something you love and something you don't like, but we're a family and we want to be together. The one thing you'll always find is a desire to worship God, to declare his gospel, and to bring him glory.

Our services are 75 minutes with about half of that being the sermon. We value expository preaching, which simply means the point of any particular text is the point of the sermon. We have an unwavering commitment to preach what we find in the Bible, and only what we find in the Bible. We usually do this by preaching through books of the Bible. God has chosen to reveal himself to his people through his Word so we want to make sure people are hearing God's Word. Through this weekly exposure to the gospel we believe the gospel will grow deep in us, shape us, and through us go wide to others.

Application/Contact Information

Dick High- Executive Pastor


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